Your input needed!

I need your input, please! Read to the end for my question.

Things may seem a bit slow from me on your end right now, but really they’re not! I’ve been super busy. I have three novels sitting in various levels of publishing purgatory. Three! One of them, A Full Plate, is a contemporary in the Dreamspun Desires line, and it has a publication date of May 2018 (!!). The second one is a private eye noir in a medieval fantasy setting, and the third is a paranormal (vampires!). I’ll keep you updated.

Here’s what else is going on.

Flux will release on audio this month, narrated by Joel Leslie. I just listened over the weekend and he did an amazing job.

–Any minute now, my short story “Standby” will re-release with a new cover, and with all my royalties going to Doctors Without Borders.

Buried Bones comes out in Italian in May and on audio (in English!) in June, with John Solo narrating.

–I’m finishing up a Christmas story. How about a fireman from Kansas? This one is a longish short story.

–I’m working on my 21st novel, a contemporary about a book addict. 🙂

I have another project going too–and I’d love your input, please! What would you think about a series of paranormal/fantasy short stories/novellas, all focusing on the Bureau of Trans-Species Affairs, each set in a different decade? Kind of dark stories, a bit noir-ish, but with HEAs. The first story, “Corruption,” appeared in an anthology, but I’ll be re-releasing it soon by itself. The other stories will all be brand new, and I’ll release one every couple of months. Proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders. Would you be on board for this? Please let me know!

9 thoughts on “Your input needed!”

  1. Paranormal/fantasy stories… check
    HEA… check
    “Bureau of Trans-Species Affairs” ? Yes !
    I’m 300% interested in this series 🙂

  2. I’d love it but I wish they would be novels. Your writing’s too good for stories to end quickly – leaves me feeling deprived. How about a 1k epic?

  3. If you write it, I will read it… and the idea of different historical periods in addition to the paranormal–sounds fun!

  4. Being totally honest with you, I think a lot of readers prefer novels to short stories. I am very excited about paranormal stories, though! I’ll probably read them no matter the length. Hope that helps!

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