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When interstellar smuggler Haz Taylor loses his ship, his money, and his tattered reputation, drinking himself to death on a backwater planet seems like his only option. Then the Coalition offers him a contract to return a stolen religious artifact. Sounds simple enough, but politics can be deadly—and the artifact’s not enthusiastic about being returned.Haz didn’t sign up to be prisoner transport, but he’s caught between a blaster and hard vacuum. Still, that doesn’t mean he can’t show his captive some kindness. It costs him nothing to give Mot the freedom to move about the ship, to eat when he’s hungry… to believe that he’s a person. It’s only until they reach Mot’s planet. Besides, the Coalition would hate it, which is reason enough.

Then he finds out what awaits Mot at home, and suddenly hard vacuum doesn’t look so bad. Haz is no hero, but he can’t consign Mot to his fate. Somewhere under the space grime, Haz has a sliver of principle. It’s probably going to get him killed, but he doesn’t have much to live for anyway….


Hallelujah (Italian Translation)

Joseph Moore, direttore del coro della Prima Chiesa Battista di Lenora, Nebraska, ha segreti tutti suoi. Segreti terribili che lo costringono alla solitudine. Uno ha a che fare con normali desideri umani. Un altro coinvolge poteri che non riesce neanche a comprendere. Entrambi potrebbero potenzialmente distruggerlo, insieme a tutti coloro che ama.
Ma il mondo sta cambiando. L’oscurità, le ombre, i fantasmi si stanno avvicinando e Joseph e il suo compagno, Kevin, sono tormentati da un demone senza pietà la cui unica ragione d’essere è possederli.




Ravaged by a horrific experience, Oliver Webb flees the smog-bound city of Greynox for a quiet seaside village and the inheritance he’s never seen: a cottage called Farview. He discovers clear skies, friendly imps, and a charming storyteller named Felix Corbyn.

With help from Felix’s tales, Oliver learns surprising secrets about his family history and discovers what home really means. But with Felix cursed, Oliver growing deathly ill, and an obligation in Greynox hanging heavy around his neck, it seems that not even wizards can save the day.

Still, as Felix knows, stories are the best truths and the most powerful magic. Perhaps the right words might yet conjure a chance for happiness.