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Redesigning Landry Bishop

Publisher: Dreamspinner

Length: Dreamspun Desires novel

Genre: Contemporary

Love never goes out of style.

Landry Bishop fled his tiny hometown and never looked back. Now his expertise in food, fashion, and décor has earned him all of Hollywood’s glittering perks. But with his husband deceased and his personal assistant quitting, Landry has nobody to rely on—and no one to help him indulge his secret cravings.

Jordan Stryker seems a dubious prospect as Landry’s new PA. While Landry is self-controlled and formal, Jordan is casual and speaks his mind. He also has questionable fashion sense and no kitchen skills. But as Landry soon realizes, Jordan has many attractive qualities too.

With a strong pull toward Jordan, new career opportunities on the horizon, and a persistent tug from family back home, Landry is in a quandary. He can advise others on how to make their lives special, but what should he do about his own?