On Monday, October 8, Dreamspinner will be releasing Don’t Try This at Home. One of my stories is included in this anthology: “Tyler Wang Has a Ball.”

“Tyler Wang” takes place at a testicle festival. Yes, such events really exist. And just today I learned that it is now possible to purchase a beer brewed with bulls’ testicles. I have no idea why one would choose to purchase such a thing, let alone drink it, but I guess there’s a market. Myself, I think I’ll stick to phallic baked goods.

2 thoughts on “Balls”

  1. Funny enough the little podunk town I live in, Vinita, OK, has a “calf fry” festival every year. Calf fries are just another name for calf testicles. I’ve heard that they are good, but no way am I trying that.

    1. A town near me has an annual testicle festival. I’ve never attended. I actually don’t eat red meat at all, although, like Tyler in the story, I’ve speculated as to whether balls would count, seeing as the animals weren’t actually killed. But… yeah. Not eager to try them.

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