Bookshelf tour–part 1

I thought it would be fun to lead a bookshelf tour of my house. Due to the large number of books involved (nope, we don’t have a problem; no, not at all), I’ll post over a few days.

Let’s begin with the case where I keep some of my most prized books.



The top shelf doesn’t have books at all, but instead some of my Saint Bernard stuff. I think I’ll have to move the dogs soon because the other shelves are almost filled to capacity.


075This is my vanity shelf–everything there was written at least partially by me. I am so thrilled to watch this shelf fill. I get especially excited over translations because for some reason, having books in translation has always seemed to me to be a mark of an author’s success.


076I love this shelf too. The leftward two-thirds of the books are signed by the authors. In many cases, the authors are friends of mine, which makes the books even more special. The remaining books are part of my small collection of children’s books in languages other than English. And wow, that shelf is dusty!


077The bottom shelf is a mixed bag. Mixed shelf. Something. On the left, a really old set of Dickens. Next to that, some academic books I had a part in. Then some other old books I’ve collected here and there, plus the rest of the children’s books.



Coming up next: the living room and study, in which the books are double stacked. 🙂

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