Christmas in April?

As some of you may know, Silver Publishing has gone out of business. This is sad news for many people, including many authors who, I understand, were owed quite  a bit of money by the publisher. I published only one story with Silver, a holiday short called “Joys R Us.” Now that Silver has gone under, the rights to the story have reverted to me.

I’ve decided to republish it–with a new cover and cheaper price. You can get it now at Amazon for 99 cents (or the equivalent if you’re outside the US). And the good news is that, as with my self-published Ennek trilogy, I’ll donate 100% of my proceeds to Doctors Without Borders.

 So if you’ve already own the story, no need to buy it again. But itf it’s new to you, and if you’re in the mood for a little Christmas in April, the royalties are going to a good cause. You can buy it here.