Haiku contest! Prizes!

Two events coincided these last couple of days.

First off, I passed 1000 Twitter followers! Yay! My 14-year-old daughter says this means I am officially cool. So there’s that. And I wanted to celebrate being cool because, well, it doesn’t happen all that often. Sure, the next time someone cuts me off in traffic or an administrator at my day job does something obnoxious, I can think at them, “Yeah. But I bet you don’t have 1000 Twitter followers.”

Still, I wanted a slightly more public celebration.  A contest, perhaps.

The second thing is that I joined some friends for dinner in San Francisco. Got to hang out in the Mission. Had ice cream from Bi-Rite Creamery and bought stuff at the pirate store. Eavesdropped on hipsters. Enjoyed perfect, 70-degree sunshine.

But getting to the Mission meant a 95 mile drive, followed by a BART ride. Then the reverse on my way home. So I had time to think.

Ta-dah!! Haiku!!

Here’s the contest.

You write a haiku about m/m romance. You can make it about the genre in general, about your fave characters or your fave books or your fave author–whatever you want. But it must conform to traditional haiku standards: 5-syllable line, 7-syllable line, 5-syllable line. Like this:

Chris is grateful that
He is allergic to cats
But not to canines


Have you read Guarded?
It is a free novella
You can download now

Post your masterpiece to Twitter–making sure you use the hashtag #kfieldinghaiku. If you don’t Tweet, you can post it here or on my FB page instead. Here’s a rundown of the rules/procedure:

1. Post a haiku with an m/m romance theme
2. Haiku must follow 5/7/5 format
3. Post it to Twitter using #kfieldinghaiku hashtag, or here, or to my FB wall
4. You may submit as many entries as you wish
5. Entries need not be in English
6. All entries are due June 23 at noon PDT
7. Entries will be judged by a fabulous guest judge panel
8. Judges’ decision is final
9. The winner will receive: all three books in my Ennek trilogy (in print if you’re in the US; in Kindle versions if you’re elsewhere); a $10 Dreamspinner gift certificate; a $10 donation to the LGBT organization of your choice; naming rights to one minor character in a future story; AND a special surprise from Oregon (where the Bones books are set).
10. If there are more than 30 entries, I’ll do a second prize winner as well: a print copy of either Pilgrimage, Motel. Pool. or Stasis (the first Ennek book), plus a special surprise from Oregon.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them here.

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