Interview Roulette: Tanya Chris

Please welcome Tanya Chris!

  1. Paper or plastic? I have reusable bags, but if I’m only buying a couple of items, I’ll get a plastic bag because I use them for scooping kitty poop into when I clean the litter box.
  2.  What is your favorite insect? Spiders get a bad rap. They eat flies and mosquitos and other pests and their webs are works of art. They’re industrious and mind their own business.
  3. What is your worst phobia? I have an irrational fear of dropping my keys down a sewer grate. If there’s a sewer grate anywhere near my car when I park, I panic.
  4.  Warm weather or cold? Warm, definitely. Warm weather might make me lazy but cold weather makes me miserable.
  5.  One of your characters has signed up to teach a 1-day workshop. What’s it on? Adam Summers will teach a workshop on investment diversification for financial institutions. Adam is the CIO of Palladium Enterprises, and before Will came into his life, he was a workaholic with a mild case of depression due to isolation. He’s better now, but he still loves his job.
  6.  Describe one of your weird or quirky habits. I’m a quota writer. When I hit my word count for the day, I shut down, sometimes even mid-sentence.
  7.  Aside from writing, in what ways are you creative? I’m a lighting designer for a local community theater. A lighting designer decides which lights will be on at which times, what color they’ll be and how bright they’ll be, in an attempt to add to the sense of space and time and enhance the director’s vision of the show.
  8.  If you were magically transported into one of your own books, which one would you choose and why? Most of my books take place in the real world, except for Omega Reclaimed which is an omegaverse story. Omegaverse is fun to read and write about, but I wouldn’t want to live there!
  9.  Pick any place in the world to spend the next 6 months. Where is it and why? I like to travel, but two weeks is plenty before I’m glad to be going home again. I always say that if your home isn’t your favorite place on earth, you should take steps to change that.
  10.  Write a haiku poem about your favorite beverage

Will be sewage tomorrow


If we acquiesce 

What is life today

Book blurb:

Merge Ahead: Will doesn’t know that his safe but unfulfilling life as a Call Center Supervisor is about to be turned upside down. Or that the man responsible is sitting next to him waiting for the same delayed flight. Adam Summers is confident, successful, gorgeous, and about to sign the contract that will cost Will his job. Corporate policy says they should keep their hands off each other, but they can’t. Is their growing affection worth the risk to Adam’s career? And what will Will’s future look like when their companies, and their lives, have merged?

Omega Reclaimed: Angel, an alpha who’s left the violent, strictly hierarchical rules of his pack to find success in the big city, and Leo, an omega on the run from his abusive alpha, are thrust together to satisfy Leo’s urgent heat-lust. But can a once-hurt omega ever trust an alpha to care for and protect him again? And can an alpha sensitive to social injustice learn to enjoy his naturally dominant nature? Angel and Leo must both face the pasts they ran away from before the two can build a new future together. They may not be able to change the laws of nature, but they can change the language of love.

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Author bio:

Tanya writes in a variety of romantic and erotic genres, being an avid follower of many of these genres herself. Some of her favorites are M/M romance, MFM threesomes, and BDSM with male submissives. Tanya lives in New England with her boyfriend and her cat and has participated in many of the activities about which she writes, but not all of them. It’s left to the reader to decide which are which.

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