New release, newsy update

I have a newsy little post for you this fine Sunday.

First off, I have a brand new release. It’s a short story called “The Border,” and it’s part of Dreamspinner’s Daily Dose anthology. If you buy the Daily Dose package, you get a story every day in June. Or you can buy stories individually. They all have hurt/comfort themes.

Here’s the blurb:
Injured in a war that has stretched on for years, Sergeant John Peterson guards a lonely border. Aside from passing contact with railship captains, the only person he sees is the enemy: the man who guards the other side of the border. A bad fall places John’s life in the other soldier’s hands. He’s wary of his rescuer, First Lieutenant Thomas Fellowes, but over time he finds himself drawn to his new companion. Both soldiers carry the war in their souls, but they might find peace in each other.

You can buy “The Border” at Dreamspinner Press or at Amazon.

My second piece of news is that I just got the draft cover art for my novella The Pillar and I’m really excited about it. The art’s by Shobana Appavu, who did that incredible cover for Venetian Masks. I love that cover so much I framed a poster-size version to hang on my wall. The Pillar is set in 15th century Bosnia. It releases in August and I’m really excited to share it with you. Here’s that blurb:

During his youth, orphaned thief Faris was flogged at the pillar in the town square and left to die. But a kind old man saved him, gave him a home, and taught him a profession. Now Faris is the herbalist for the town of Zidar, taking care of the injured and ill. He remains lonely, haunted by his past, and insecure about how his community views him. One night, despite his reluctance, he saves a dying slave from the pillar.
A former soldier, Boro has spent the last decade as a brutalized slave. Herbs and ointment can heal his physical wounds, but both men carry scars that run deep. Bound by the constraints of law and social class in 15th century Bosnia, Faris and Boro must overcome powerful enemies to protect the fragile happiness they’ve found.
And, third piece of news! On Monday, June 9, the ever-amazing Amy Lane and I will be interviewed on the radio! The show is Insight, which airs on NPR stations in the Sacramento region. If you get one of those stations, you can listen live at 9am. Or anyone can listen later online. I’m really excited by this and also terribly, horribly nervous.
My kids had their last day of school on Friday, so part of my life for the next months involves keeping the older one from permanently attaching herself to electronic devices and keeping the younger one from tormenting the older one. Yeah, good luck to me. I took younger one to the library yesterday and she came home with a big stack of thick books, but she’s already polished one of those off. Because she got straight As in 9th grade, the older one earned a reward: she’s now allowed to watch R-rated movies. She celebrated by watching The Breakfast Club last night. That movie might be ancient, but she totally loved it. I see more John Hughes in her future.
That’s all for now. I’m off to write about werewolves in 19th century Oregon!


2 thoughts on “New release, newsy update”

  1. Congrats on all the new stuff. They both sound really good. I’m especially interested in the Bosnia one and Oooo, werewolves in Oregon. Good luck with that one.

    As for the girls, hands you your drink of choice to survive it (but congrats to the older one on her grades).

    1. Thank you! I’m really excited about the Bosnian story.

      I will congratulate the older one. She’s currently typing, playing a game online, and FaceTiming with a friend, all at once.

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