No Place Like Home

This short story is available now for free download. If you’ve read Love Can’t Conquer, you might enjoy meeting Stephen Walker, a resident of Bailey Springs, Kansas. He was mentioned briefly in LCC.

This story originally appeared in the Dreamspinner Press anthology Snow on the Roof, but has been lightly edited.

Download–mobi format

Download–epub format


4 thoughts on “No Place Like Home”

  1. I absolutely love your books, I would read anything you put out there. Loved Ennek,Bones, Rattlesnake, and Motel.Pool,was brilliant.

  2. This was just about the sweetest little short story I’ve ever read! I don’t think I’ve ever come across a story with MCs old enough to be my grandparents (I’m not a child I swear, my parents had me young). Anywho, Stephen and Max showed me it’s never too late to find what you’re looking for. And it’s not just 20 something twinks that deserve love. Can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us his year!

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