Ooh! That’s Interesting!: Glass dildos

During a recent trip to San Francisco, a friend and I wandered into one of Good Vibrations several Bay Area locations. I’d been to a different location before, but not this one. It’s a great store–very sex-positive and non-scrungy. The type of place in which the sweet salesclerk (who, it turns out, is a human sexuality major) can get into a lengthy and enthusiastic discussion with you about a personal training device for Kegel-exercising one’s pelvic floor muscles. (All three of us immediately concluded that it’s a Fitbit for your nether parts.)

The store has a lovely display of glass dildos and other glass toys, all of which would be suitable as art pieces. If you don’t mind explanations to mothers-in-law or young children. My friend was skeptical about whether these items would really be safe to insert in one’s body. But the sales clerk assured her that they’re very safe and completely shatterproof. She also listed a bunch of advantages of glass dildos. Among them:

  1. Easy to clean
  2. Can be used with any kind of lube
  3. Can be used for temperature play by first submersing them in cold or warm water
  4. Their firmness feels good
  5. No nasty chemicals
  6. Last forever

Neither of us bought a glass dildo (they’re pretty expensive). But wow. Interesting.

2 thoughts on “Ooh! That’s Interesting!: Glass dildos”

  1. They are quite fun. I’ve had one for years and they are virtually indestructible. I’ve dropped mine on ceramic tile without an issue. Sooo worth the investment. 😉

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