If you’ve read Astounding!, you know that John and Carter first get to know each other over a meal at a restaurant where you make your own pancakes. Well, you’ll be delighted to know that such a place actually exists in Portland, Oregon. It’s called Slappy Cakes, and I recently ate there.


How it works is you order a batter (there are several flavors) and whatever toppings and mix-ins you would like. This time, I opted for dried cherries and cinnamon crème fraiche. My 12-year old had blueberries. bacon, and white chocolate chips.
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When your pancake makings arrive, you cook ’em yourself on the griddle at the center of the table. Your choice how artistic you want to get.

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They have other menu items too, which I’m told are very good. But I’m very satisfied with the pancakes alone.



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