Proud of my kid

I’m working on revising one of my textbooks right now. My muse is growing more and more impatient–she’d much rather be writing something more fun. The book includes the text of several hate crime laws, and I needed to proof those texts to make sure they were accurate and up to date. I recruited my older daughter (who’s 12) to help, because she’s an excellent proofreader.
So we get to the first law–Alabama’s–and I’m reading off the list of protected classes: race, color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, and physical or mental disability. DD1 interrupts me to ask, “But where’s sexual orientation?”
 I explained that lots of states intentionally exclude that group.
“That’s horrible!” she said. “That’s really stupid.”
Sometimes you have those parental moments where you think, I’m doing something right. This was one of those.

2 thoughts on “Proud of my kid”

  1. She is indeed a great kid. And I was heartened to hear that the younger the generation, the more supportive they are of gay rights. So hopefully we’ll see vast improvements during our lifetime. (And sooner rather than later, we hope!)

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