Please welcome Dani Myrick!

Hello, everyone! My name is Dani Myrick, and Kim has kindly loaned me her blog today to tell you about my debut novella, His Familiar Scars.

Since I’m a new, unknown author–all shiny-eyed and just happy to be here in that annoying fashion newbies have–let’s start with a few things about me, quick and dirty-like…

Occupation: full-time college student (returned last year at age 36)

Personality: anxiety-prone, obsessive-compulsive, chronically lost, socially awkward introvert with a severe overload of imagination

Obsessions: writing and anime

Hobbies: reading and drawing

I’ve written fiction for as long as I can remember–fantasy, sci-fi, steampunk, cyberpunk, even horror–mostly to bring some stability to the churning morass my brain becomes once characters take up residence, clamoring to be heard (yes, I’ve seen professionals; no, they didn’t prescribe medication–yet).

His Familiar Scars is my first romance, an experiment to push the limits of what was comfortable and “safe” for me to write. I couldn’t be happier with the results, and the fact that I’m able to share it with others is truly exciting! My writing passions include voicing unique characters, capturing the equal parts awkwardness and awesomeness of real relationships, and bringing together people who just, well, belong with one another (sometimes because no one else could handle them).

Now, onto the exciting stuff!


Ever since Ben’s childish dare caused Nazil to break his arm, the two have been inseparable best friends. Over the last three years, Ben has grown accustomed to Nazil’s outspoken personality and crazy schemes, but he is totally unprepared for the secret Nazil has been hiding–Nazil’s feelings for Ben go way past friendship. Spurred into action by a family move out of state, Nazil finally confesses. After the initial shock wears off, Ben finds that he returns Nazil’s affection. Now they must pull off Nazil’s wildest scheme yet in order to convince Nazil’s homophobic parents that he should stay behind with Ben when the rest of them move away.


His Familiar Scars is available at the Dreamspinner Press website here

While I leave cover art to the professionals, that doesn’t stop me from drawing my own characters to the best of my (limited) artistic abilities. So, to conclude today’s post, here is some of my own artwork showing Ben and Nazil!

Ben-for-Kim-Fielding-blog Nazil-for-Kim-Fielding-blog

Also, if you’re interested in my online presence, you can find me at and on Facebook