These are a few of my favorite things

I was thinking today how sometimes I obtain an object that is so close to perfect, so extremely useful at doing whatever it is it’s supposed to do, and how satisfying that can be. Here are a few of my favorites:

–Several years ago I knitted a clapotis ( I don’t wear it often here in California, but it’s journeyed with me to Croatia in February, London in February, and Poland in January. It’s soft and comfy, big enough to double as a shawl or lap blanket, and drapes perfectly. It’s kept me warm in Warsaw. And it’s not fussy.
–I had a pair of black Keen ankle boots that made all the journeys described above, plus often served as my winter-time footware at home. They were slip-on, so good for airports. They were warm. They weren’t too hideous. I could walk and stand for miles in them and my feet wouldn’t get tired. I don’t know how many miles they had on them when they finally began to fall apart last year, but it was a lot. I tried to get a new pair, but the closest equivalent I could find isn’t nearly as comfy.
–I have Mini. I love that car. I can drive from my house to LA and halfway back on a tank of gas–that’s something like 400 miles. It’s cute. Everyone smiles at it. I’ve had teens tell me it’s sick (which I take it is a good thing), senior citizens wave, biker dudes give me a thumb’s up. I have a giant skull and crossbones on the roof. 🙂 It has an mp3 jack, which my SUV doesn’t, and you can change the color of the interior lights. I can fit into tiny parking spaces and navigate busy city streets, and people let me pull in front of them, even on LA freeways.
–My Kindle. It’s now a couple of generations old, and I’m thinking the backlighting in the newest version might be a good thing. But mine is nearly perfect. I love how it syncs with my phone and iPad, so I can read with whatever device is handy. I love how small and light it is, and how I can read one-handed. I love that the battery lasts a long time. I love that I’ve been able to dowload books all sorts of unlikely places: a cruise ship; a train near Figueres, Spain; a sidewalk cafe in Split. I still adore print books, don’t get me wrong, but I do love my Kindle.
–Salted caramel ice cream. salty, sweet, rich, cold, smooth. Yum.

What are your almost-perfect things?

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