What’s Kim Reading Now: Psycop #1-4

Nowadays most of my readingĀ is confined to audiobooks. That way I can multitask: listening to a good book while doing my daily 5K walk. And I’m not complaining, because there are some terrific audiobooks out there!

Recently I listened to the first 4 books in Jordan Castillo Price’s Psycops series. These books are fantastic–funny, suspenseful, hot. I absolutely love the awkward, neurotic protagonist, Victor Bayne. The other characters are great too. And Gomez Pugh narrates really, really well. He’s become one of my favorite narrators, as a matter of fact.

Thanks to this series, I’ve found it easy to get in at least 10 thousand steps per day. So Psycop is good for your health! I just hope the 5th book releases soon on audio.

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