A few final European photos

Alas, tomorrow I have to return to California and real life. I’ve made sure to put in some quality time in Zagreb cafés, and I also visited two new little museums, the Museum of Illusions and the Torture Museum. Both of which were great fun.

005 014

016 041

Zagreb has made some forward strides lately. Today in Zrinjevac Park, I saw three different lesbian couples cuddling, along with the straight couples, the families with kids, and the old people. A few years ago I wouldn’t have seen that. I also saw a food booth selling–if I understood the Croatian correctly–stir-fried crocodile.
047 And then I ate Korean food, which is new for Croatia, and drank Turkish coffee, which is old hat.

048 049

We’ll see tomorrow if Lufthansa can manage to get me to my destination on time for the first time in this trip. They’ve given me two different 1-day delays. And I’ll have lots of work to do, plus some writing to catch up on. And GRNW and GRL are coming up soon!

One last photo of Zagreb at night. That building with the PBZ is where I’ve been staying.


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