More photos from Zagreb

Because nobody objected after my last post, here are some more photos from one of my favorite cities in the world, Zagreb.

There’s an upper town and a lower town. To travel from one to the other you can take a funicular or walk on various steep streets or stairways. Here’s one of the stairways–I love taking that stroll.

017 In Zagreb, I’m always setting out for a short walk and ending up wandering for hours.

016 At the edge of the upper town promenade, couples have set locks to commemorate their love.

012 Lots going on in this photo. That tall building in the background is Thieves Tower. You can climb to the top, and every day at noon they shoot a cannon from there. The lamp is a gaslight; lamplighters still light them every night.

008 The church atop the hill is St. Marks, famous for its beautiful tile roof.

007 The Museum of Broken Relationships is also in the upper town. Here’s one of the exhibits.

004 And back in the lower town, this is the main square. My apartment’s in that building on the left. This area is hopping–always something going on.


2 thoughts on “More photos from Zagreb”

  1. That IS an impressive roof! Oh, and I appreciate the fact that you post clickable photos, so that the viewer has the option of opening up very large images with the ability to carefully examine the details of each shot.

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