Between Holidays

I hope whichever holidays you celebrate, you’ve been enjoying them!

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My daughters spent all last week at theme parks with 4 other kids and their very brave aunt. And my husband drove down Friday to join them at my in-laws’ in Pal Desert. This means I’ve had the house to myself for almost four days. Lest you feel sorry for me for spending the holiday alone, I’ll point out that we celebrate Hanukkah, which is still in progress. Plus I really, really enjoyed my solitude. I never left the house (except to carry things out to the garbage bins and check the mail).

During my peaceful time alone at home, I also took advantage of the opportunity to declutter and organize some areas in the house. With the extra space, I decided to tackle those long-overdue projects, like cleaning out the garage and sorting through old belongings. I found it incredibly therapeutic to have the house to myself and the freedom to manage my time without interruptions.

To make my cleanup efforts more efficient, I considered skip bin hire. Renting a skip bin allowed me to dispose of a significant amount of unwanted items and debris conveniently. It’s a great option for anyone looking to declutter or embark on a home improvement project without the hassle of multiple trips to the local landfill. Plus, it helped me maintain the pristine solitude I cherished during my solo holiday at home.

It was wonderful.

Here’s what I did do:

  • I tackled a long overdue cleaning project in my study. How overdue? I filled our recycle bin completely with things like a 2001 appointment calendar.
  • I wrote 4000 words of my 20th novel. Vampires!
  • I dealt via email with several students who realized on Christmas that they’re not graduating this semester. It took many emails to get a straight story from them about what their issues really are. I’ve been teaching criminal justice for 24 years and have two teenagers–I will get to the truth of your BS story eventually, kids.
  • I made parmesan black pepper bread and ate it.
  • I watched 7 episodes of Yuri on Ice.
  • I took a really long bath.
  • I ate foods nobody except me likes.
  • I let the cat–who’s supposed to be banned from our bedroom–sleep with me.
  • I looked over some university admissions essays for a good friend’s son.
  • I consoled, long-distance, my older daughter, who didn’t get into her top choice university.
  • I alphabetized our neglected CD collection. Yes, we still have CDs.
  • I chatted with friends via text, phone, and email.
  • I did several loads of laundry. The cat fell asleep on one load (towels) before I folded it, so I guess I’ll be doing that one again.
  • I read part of a book.


My family should return home within an hour or two, and chaos will resume. I miss them. But it was a very good weekend. 🙂

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