Engage panic mode now….

It has not been a relaxing summer. Yes, I got to do some fun travel in the Pacific Northwest, but even that involved work. And I spent the rest of the summer engaged in a couple of big projects for the day job and desperately trying to get in some writing time. Tomorrow my kids head back to school. The younger one is beginning junior high (ack!) and the other is in 11th grade, so it promises to be a busy year. My semester begins at the end of next week. And a week after my classes begin, I’m off to Europe for 16 days!

Although I’ve been working really hard and making headway on my projects, I’m still sliding into panic mode as I realize how much I have to accomplish in a short time. My classes need prepping and the presentations I’ll be doing in Europe have to be readied. Plus I have a couple of other looming day job responsibilities.

Here’s what’s weird. Rattlesnake will release while I am in an airplane en route to Frankfurt. It feels as if I have no time at all until it’ll be time to pack for that trip, and yet it also feels like freaking forever until I can get Rattlesnake into your hands and onto your e-readers. How can that be? Relativity, I guess.

So I’m going to take some calming breaths and continue to plug away at the To Do list. One thing at a time, right? Soon I’ll be listening to fado and then enjoying the caf├ęs of my beloved Zagreb. If any of you have travel tips for Porto or Lisbon, please share!


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