The Pillar Release Day — and Contest!

Today is release day for my newest novella, The Pillar! You can buy it at Dreamspinner Press, Amazon, ARe, or other booksellers. To celebrate, I’m running a contest. Details are below, but first, the blurb:

During his youth, orphaned thief Faris was flogged at the pillar in the town square and left to die. But a kind old man saved him, gave him a home, and taught him a profession. Now Faris is the herbalist for the town of Zidar, taking care of the injured and ill. He remains lonely, haunted by his past, and insecure about how his community views him. One night, despite his reluctance, he saves a dying slave from the pillar.

A former soldier, Boro has spent the last decade as a brutalized slave. Herbs and ointment can heal his physical wounds, but both men carry scars that run deep. Bound by the constraints of law and social class in 15th century Bosnia, Faris and Boro must overcome powerful enemies to protect the fragile happiness they’ve found.

That lovely cover is by Shobana Appavu.

I’m really excited about this book and I fell hard for Faris and Boro. I hope you do too! Even if historicals aren’t usually your thing, give this one a try. Maybe you’ll discover you adore medieval Bosnia.

Now for the contest. I had such fun with the haiku contest that I wanted to try something else kind of different. Here are the rules:

  1. To enter, comment on this entry with a piece of m/m flash fiction no more than 140 characters long! Any rating is fine, but they must be your original words. Your characters can be your own originals or you can borrow guys from any of my books. (Please don’t use anybody else’s guys because we don’t have permission.)
  2. Make sure you leave your email address so I can contact you if you win.
  3. You may submit up to 3 entries.
  4. Contest ends August 20, 2014 at noon Pacific time.
  5. A panel of judges will choose the winner. The decision is final. The winner will receive a copy of the audiobook version of my award-winning fantasy novel, Brute.
  6. If there are more than 30 valid entries, we will choose a second place winner as well. The second-prize winner will receive a copy of the ebook version of my paranormal novel, Motel Pool.

If you have any questions, please email me:

12 thoughts on “The Pillar Release Day — and Contest!”

  1. Congratulation on your new release, Kim!! It looks fab 🙂

    I love flash fiction. My entries are under 140 characters without spaces included.

    I feel I have always known him, though only with my arms around him. As if knowing one body is knowing everybody. As if understanding loss is understanding everything.

    I lie on my side tracing fingers down the soft skin of his inner arm.
    My touch gentle and unhurried as a single drop of rain rolling down a sheer side of glass.

    Sometimes he whispers “I love you, I adore you” down the phone before I sleep but most of the time we sleep together—his arms around my chest, his lips to my ear.

  2. Sleep eludes me, thoughts of you invade my mind. Your masculine beauty a stark contrast to my own boyishness. I reach across the bed to prove you are not a dream.

    Congrats on the release of your newest book.
    Kathy C

  3. Congrats on the release!!!

    I’m sleepy so I’ll only put in one entry for now. Will do more if inspired later.

    Their sweat-slicked bodies moved in harmony, breaths coming in pants, until they tumbled over the edge together.

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