Fiscal analyst Mike Carlson is good with spreadsheets and baseball stats. He doesn’t believe in fate, true love, or fantasy. But then a fertility goddess whisks him away to another world. A promise has been broken, and if Mike is ever to return to California―and his comfortable if lonely life―he must complete a pilgrimage to the shrines of a death goddess. A humiliating event convinces Mike to hire a guard to accompany him, and hunky Goran is handy enough with a sword, if a little too liberal with his ale. A man with no home and no family, Goran is deeper than he first appears. As Mike learns more about Goran, his disbelief wavers and his goals become less clear. Contending with feuding gods, the challenges of the journey, and his growing attraction to Goran, Mike faces a puzzle far harder to solve than simple rows of numbers.


I had a lot of fun with this, more than I was even expecting (I’ve read a whole lot of transported to another world fantasy at this point). Goran and Mike are very likeable.

Jana Denardo

 I really liked this book.  It started a little silly, but I have enjoyed everything that Kim Fielding has written so I knew that great things were coming my way. And boy, did they ever.  I fell madly in love with these men and their journey and was almost as desperate as they were for their seemingly hopeless happy ending.

An endearingly fun and charming read that kept me engaged and entertained from beginning to end.

Gay Book Reviews

Pilgrimage is a delightful fantasy story with a clever premise and a romantic, heartwarming feeling. I loved the setup for this one.  To some degree we have seen this before: modern man gets whisked away to another world where he is out of place and must find a way return home.  But Fielding gives us some clever touches here that make the story stand out. 

Joyfully Jay

This is one of the most romantic fantasy book I ever read 
I loved all the pilgrimage and knowing the cities and their weird habitants.


What an amazing fantasy story.

A plot that satisfied me and a MC that was literally to die for. What more could I ask for?


This is absolutely one of my most favorite love stories. It is just perfect. I had read it many times from the library and just had to have a copy of my own. It is totally worth reading over and over again and you won’t get tired of it. The characters are wonderful and will have you totally engaged and wondering what they will be up to next, even though you’ve read it many times. I love this book and my life is truly better because I have read this book.


Her books have a way of putting people in unusual situations in ways that seem totally legit. I’m not a huge fan of stories where someone from our world is placed in a historical or fantasy setting. It’s just too easy to do wrong. But Fielding takes Mike and forces him to adapt in ways that make this story way less jarring than you’d expect. Also, Goran is a sweetie and I love him a lot.