10 Things to Know about Astounding!

10 Things to Know about Astounding!


YAY! It’s release day for my newest novel! So here’s a little trivia to tempt you….

1. I went back and forth over whether to call it sci-fi or urban fantasy. In the end, I decided to just call it spec fic and leave it at that. Which is good, because the main character, Carter, is editor-in-chief of a spec-fic magazine. Like this one:


2. Astounding! is my second novel to have punctuation in the title. I swore I wouldn’t do it again after Motel. Pool. I lied.


3. Astounding! is my second novel to have a pivotal scene take place at a dam. Motel. Pool. has a scene at Hoover dam; Astounding! has one at Bonneville Dam.

4. Karl and Ery from the Bones series make a guest appearance in Astounding! And characters from another of my books have a brief cameo too.


5. I had to do some basic physics research for Astounding! And math. This was not the most delightful research I’ve ever done.

6. I also had to do some research on large RVs. This was more fun than physics. My husband and I visited dealerships. I’ve always loved the idea of an RV, although I don’t want to drive or maintain one.

7. Astounding! is my 12th novel.

8. One of the main characters, John, lives in a little duplex in Portland, Oregon. It’s modeled on a real place next door to an apartment where I lived while in college. It’s at 33rd and SE Gladstone, in case you were wondering.

9. A 1971 Dodge Dart plays a small part in the book. My first car was a ’71 Dart Swinger. Its odometer was at nearly 200,000 miles when we acquired it (for $300 plus a $100 Earl Scheib paint job). It ran, and it was better than walking. It looked pretty much like this.


10. One of the book’s minor characters, Freddy, may have been a teensy bit inspired by a certain bloodthirsty novelist whose books have been turned into an HBO series.


AstoundingFSAstounding! is available now at





Please welcome Andrew Q. Gordon!


Unmasked2Jay Walker has two wishes: to perform the play of his dreams alongside his best friend at Wellington’s Tory Street Theatre, and to meet that special someone. Someone he’d go to the ends of the earth for. Someone who might only exist in fairy tales.

When Jay meets accordion busker Lethe Cross, it’s like living a dream come true. Lethe’s music captivates Jay, and he resolves to meet the man who plays so beautifully. But then he discovers Lethe’s life is more like a nightmare. The phrase “down on his luck” can’t begin to cover it. Determined to help, Jay does some snooping for answers—and winds up on the wrong end of a centuries-old curse. The good news is there’s a way to break it. The bad news is it might cost Jay his life.

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Post: Co-Authoring.

(Un)Masked was the first book I had published. I co-wrote it with the amazingly talented, Antya Sunday. In some ways, working with Anyta spoiled me. The easy working relationship we had led me to believe this was normal. I’ve since learned that writing with someone else is very difficult. Just because you work well with one person doesn’t mean you will have the same results with everyone. I wish I knew why it was so seamless, I could market that and make a fortune. But I can’t.

One of the biggest advantages to working with another author is an instant Beta Reader on steroids. Even the best Beta Reader can’t match the time commitment of a co-author. Many of the chapters ended up with nine or ten re-writes. I think we had fourteen in one chapter. One small change prompted a reaction from the other side. We’d even went back and forth over individual words in sentences. All of that made for a smoother read.

As a co-author I had to recognize that my brilliant ideas and word choices weren’t always received the same by my co-author. For me the most difficult part of the collaboration was to check the be in control nature of being an author. It wasn’t just my character any more. Sometimes they say different things to different people. Fortunately, Anyta and I seemed to have very few episodes where we had trouble agreeing. And even those bumps worked themselves out fairly quickly.

I’m hoping to write again with Anyta. Time will tell if that happens.

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About the Author:

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Enjoy The Journey!

Andrew Q. Gordon wrote his first story back when yellow legal pads, ball point pens were common and a Smith Corona correctable typewriter was considered high tech. Adapting with technology, he now takes his MacBook somewhere quiet when he wants to write.

He currently lives in the Washington, D.C. area with his partner of twenty years, their young daughter and dog. In addition to dodging some very self-important D.C. ‘insiders’, Andrew uses his commute to catch up on his reading. When not working or writing, he enjoys soccer, high fantasy, baseball and seeing how much coffee he can drink in a day.

Follow Andrew:

On his website: www.andrewqgordon.com,

On Facebook: www.facebook.com/andrewqugordon,

On Twitter: @andrewqgordon,

Or just email him: andrewqgordon@gmail.com


From Wayward Ink Publishing:

A Closed Door

From DSP Publications:

The Last Grand Master: (Champion of the Gods – Book 1)

The Eye and the Arm: (Champion of the Gods – Book 2)

From Dreamspinner Press:



Self published:

Ashes of Life

Who needs sleep anyway, right?

Okay, stop and take a few breaths, Kim.

It’s been a crazy few weeks. As you probably know, Friday brings my fourth new release this month (Astounding!). Not to mention The Tin Box on audio (read by the wonderful KC Kelly) and releases of Italian and Japanese translations. On top of that, I’m in edits for Rattlesnake, which comes out at the end of August, plus my novella in Spirit, the 4th Gothika anthology (which will be out in October).

And I’m getting ready for a family trip to the Pacific Northwest, which will include live book readings in Seattle and Portland (see my events page for details).

I’m a university professor, so usually June’s fairly quiet for the day job. But this month I’m working on revisions for a new edition of a textbook I co-wrote. And because my area of expertise is hate crime, the terrible shooting in Charleston means I’ve been fielding a lot of media inquiries. Last week I was interviewed live on Wisconsin Public Radio. This week I’ve been answering questions for a Colombian weekly newsmagazine.

And I have blog parties and blog tours coming up too. I’m also trying to keep my 12-year-old entertained.

So I’m going to take a few more calming breaths before running off. What have you been up to?


What’s Kim Reading Now?: The Sisters Brothers

This is the second novel I’ve read in recent weeks in which the protagonist is a sympathetic killer, the first being The Night Inspector. And like The Night Inspector, Patrick DeWitt’s book takes place in the mid 19th century. But The Sisters Brothers is set in Oregon and California during the Gold Rush, and while the protagonist in The Night Inspector was a Union sharpshooter, Eli Sisters and his brother Charlie are, essentially, hitmen.

The Sisters Brothers is funny despite the considerable death and mayhem. It’s black humor, I suppose, which I’ve always liked. Eli has an odd sense of melancholy and sweetness despite his profession. And I think this book gives an accurate sense of the desperate way of life that was common in that time and place. It was a quick read, one I gobbled avidly.

Blast from the Past: Psychic Moon by M.D. Grimm

Hello there everyone! M.D. Grimm here by the generosity of Kim Fielding. Isn’t she great?

PsychicMoonLGI’m here to bring some attention to my second book ever published: PSYCHIC MOON. Yep, it was only my second. I was dancing on the moon when Dreamspinner Press accepted it.

Here’s the buy link: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=2426

Here’s the link to my website: www.mdgrimmwrites.com

You know what I learned over a couple of years removed from it? It has its flaws. There, I admitted it. But what book doesn’t? I can read freaking “Lord of the Rings” (big fan) and find a few flaws, but it’s still a darn good book. I feel the same about my own. I’m very proud of “Psychic Moon” and I think it’s a good story (there is a possible chance that I’m slightly bias).

How much more perfect do you get pairing an animal cop with a vet? I’d been watching a lot of “Animal Cops” on Animal Planet at the time and the plot bunny hopped pretty fast and high to get my attention. And the rest, they say, is history!

There are multiple reasons why I’m proud of this book; one of them is that this book started The Shifter series. When I wrote “Psychic Moon,” I didn’t have a set plan on a series, I only knew I wanted to write about shape-shifters. But after publishing “Psychic Moon” and working on “Love is a Whirlwind,” my universe kept expanding and I dived headfirst into constructing the overarching plot, making it a true series. The only problem? Making sure I didn’t contradict myself. Making sure I stayed consistent… that is the freaking hardest part of writing a series. When I create rules I better stick with them because readers can be unforgiving about that—I would know since I’m a reader and unforgiving. Unless the world the author creates is going through some sort of Armageddon and the very fabric of existence is being rendered, rules should be followed. So, I try to follow my own advice. So far, I think it’s worked. I don’t believe I’ve broken any of my rules….

The following could be considered a SPOILER so proceed at your own risk.

The villain in “Psychic Moon” is a violent, deranged wolf shape-shifter. It was only after I’d written the first draft of “Love is a Whirlwind” that I finally had a set plan on the series and realized I wanted to bring back that wolf shifter. But I ended “Psychic Moon” with Derek and Brian being told the wolf shifter was dead. So what could I do? Well, since the Agency is a secret organization, I figured they’d be required to lie about things and informed the readers of that in the epilogue of “Love is a Whirlwind.” Agent Poe (don’t you just love him?) admitted that he lied to Derek and Brian to give them peace of mind, but that the wolf shifter was imprisoned for everyone’s safety. That gave me the opening I needed for “Healing Minds” and to show the depravity of the Knights in greater detail. Just like that I’d linked Book #1 with Book #5 and proved to myself that I really could do the whole series thing. Sure, Agent Poe popped up in several stories before he got his own in “Master’s Blood” but it felt like a true series when I brought Xavier to the forefront and told his story. I also wanted to show that not everything is as it seems… Xavier wasn’t a villain by choice.

Now I just published Book #8 (The Serpent and the Angel) in March, Book #9 is finished and awaiting submission (Predator and Prey), and I’m outlining Book #10, tentatively titled “Shifting Moon.” And guess what? Derek and Brian are back! “Shifting Moon” returns to the couple that started it all as they get drawn deeper into the battle between the shifters, the Agency, and Arcas and his knights.

I’m very excited for “Shifting Moon” and am eager to return to my first couple! I could never have guessed in the beginning that “Psychic Moon” would start such a journey for me or that so many would want to join me on that journey.

May dragons guard your dreams,

M.D. Grimm


Humane Officer Derek Wiliams has been toying with the idea of asking out Brian O’Donogue since the veterinarian started working at the Pet Rescue Center two years ago. So why hasn’t he made his move? It’s complicated… but it has something to do with the fact that Derek occasionally likes to run around on four legs instead of two. Recovering from an abusive relationship and hiding supernatural abilities of his own, Brian takes a chance and agrees to go on a date with Derek. The ensuing relationship is better than either of them could have hoped—until a rogue wolf shifter attacks Brian while he’s walking his dogs. The abrupt attack forces Derek to confront his feelings, but the danger isn’t over. The rogue shifter is out there, and he’s hunting them.



M.D. Grimm lives in the wet state of Oregon, and when she’s not reading, writing, or watching movies, she dreams of owning a pet dragon. She’s wanted to become an author since second grade and feels that her dreams are finally coming true. She was fortunate to have supporting parents who never told her to “get her head out of the clouds.” While she doesn’t like to write in only one set genre, she feels romance is at the core of most of her stories. M.D. earned a Bachelor of Arts in English at the University of Oregon and hopes to put that degree to good use in the literature world as well as the “real” world.

New Release Questionnaire and Contest

With four new releases to choose from this month, perhaps you’re having problems deciding which of my stories to read first. This questionnaire will help you decide. Or maybe not. You should probably read them all anyway. But we have a contest too!

  • 1. Form of transportation
    • a. magic carpet
    • b. feet
    • c. 1939 Chevy pickup
    • d. RV
  • 2. Mythical creature
    • a. phoenix
    • b. demon
    • c. winged demon (yes, demon again; it’s a theme this month)
    • d. alien
  • 3. Location
    • a. desert
    • b. forest
    • c. American Midwest
    • d. American West Coast
  • 4. Food & beverage
    • a. groundnut stew and tea
    • b. dragonfish and water
    • c. pie and coffee
    • d. s’mores and whiskey
  • 5. Literary style/author
    • a. Arabian nights
    • b. Stephen King
    • c. Ray Bradbury or Dashiell Hammett
    • d. George RR Martin
  • 6. Classic movie actor
    • a. Yul Brenner
    • b. Boris Karloff
    • c. Robert Mitchum
    • d. Tab Hunter
  • 7. Color
    • a. orange
    • b. green
    • c. gray
    • d. sparkles
  • 8. Bad thoughts
    • a. homophobia
    • b. vengeance
    • c. corruption
    • d. despair
  • 9. Hobby
    • a. alchemy
    • b. fishing
    • c. swimming
    • d. writing
  • 10. Entertainment venue
    • a. park
    • b. dance club
    • c. carnival
    • d. bookstore
  • 11. Occupation
    • a. diplomat
    • b. healer
    • c. detective
    • d. editor
  • 12. Accessory
    • a. hair ribbon
    • b. sword
    • c. fedora
    • d. raincoat
  • 13. Cause of current predicament
    • a. state funeral
    • b. patricide
    • c. boss
    • d. drunken letter-writing
  • 14. Investment
    • a. feathers
    • b. weapons
    • c. silver
    • d. public utilities
  • 15. Myers Briggs personality type
    • a. ISTJ
    • b. ESTP
    • c. ISTP
    • d. INTJ
  • 16. Home’s best feature
    • a. lab space
    • b. sturdy door
    • c. near the beach
    • d. walking distance to bar
  • 17. Favorite urban area
    • a. Kokoto
    • b. city by the Reach
    • c. Kansas City or LA
    • d. Seattle, Portland, or San Francisco
  • 18. Sport
    • a. wrestling
    • b. fencing
    • c. swimming
    • d. running
  • 19. Body part
    • a. tongue
    • b. hands
    • c. horns
    • d. hair
  • 20. kink
    • a. sex on the floor
    • b. blindfolds
    • c. BDSM
    • d. electrosex

If your answers were mostly A: read Phoenix first PHOENIX_FBprofile_OptizimedForFeed

If your answers were mostly B: read The Downs first cover5

If your answers were mostly C: read Corruption first OHAH-1000x1595

If your answers were mostly D: read Astounding! first AstoundingFS

And when you’re done with your first choice? Read the others!


  • I’ll randomly choose one commenter to win.
  • Contest ends June 21 at noon PDT
  • Winner gets $10 Dreamspinner gift certificate and an e-copy of Grown-up
  • In your comment, tell us which June release the questionnaire picked for you–and anything else you want to add. Make sure to include your email address so I can contact you if you win!


Please welcome Grace R. Duncan!

I’m so excited to announce my new novel Turning His LIfe Around is up for pre-order with an amazing cover from Paul Richmond!


Title: Turning His Life Around
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release date: July 6, 2015
240 pages, 87k words
Cover Art: Paul Richmond

Can Kane recognize what’s right in front of him before he loses everything?


When Kane Harris’s world turns upside down, his lifelong best friend is the only one to catch him.

Years ago, Ian Kelly accepted Kane would never return his love, since he knows Kane believes he’s incapable of it. Ian is willing to settle for what he can get—a best friend, sometimes casual lover, and occasional submissive. He’s learned he can’t live without Kane, but he can’t let Kane know. Because when, not if, Kane confirms that Ian’s love will never be returned, Ian won’t be able to take it. But when Kane loses his job and asks Ian to step up their play to help him deal, Ian’s ability to hide his feelings falters. Then Kane starts his own computer security firm and asks Ian to join him, and Ian struggles further.

It’s not until they visit the exclusive BDSM club the Iron Door that things come to a head. Kane screws up big time, and he’s afraid he can’t fix it. He’s sure he’ll lose his best friend, his Dom, his everything… forever.

Pre-0rder it now from Dreamspinner Press!





IAN COAXED his ancient Toyota into the parking spot next to Kane’s Accord and shut off the engine. He was exhausted. He’d gotten into a fight with the IT director again, was given another project to work on with the database developer whom he hated with a passion, and had been forced to sit through no less than three completely useless meetings in the afternoon. All he wanted to do was eat something and go kill something. Not necessarily in that order.

He dragged himself out of the car and locked it, tossing his bag over his shoulder. He trudged up the steps, giving a halfhearted wave at their elderly neighbor, a sweet old lady not entirely with it anymore. She was out on her balcony in little more than a nightgown, watering nearly dead plants. She smiled a wide, toothless smile and he gave a weak smile back.

He finally made it to the apartment door on the third floor. He slammed the door deliberately so Kane would know he was home, then kicked off his shoes, hung his keys up, and shed his jacket. He put it in the closet before heading down the hall.

Their living room wasn’t all that big, but they didn’t care. Half of it was taken up with their computer desks, stuffed next to each other and covering one entire wall. Opposite them was the large flat screen TV and entertainment center, complete with all three major gaming consoles, a home theater system, and large collection of movies and games. In front of the TV, between it and their desks, was the one piece of furniture they’d spent any real money on: their couch. They’d had more than a few friends crash with them, and they’d finally broken down and bought a decent one for them to sleep on. It had certainly come in handy a few times when they’d decided to fuck there in the living room too.

Ian shook his head at the thought and turned his attention to Kane. He had his headphones on and there was a battle going on the screen, one hand was on the keyboard, and the other was on the mouse.

“No, goddammit! He was… fuck. What do you mean you’re out of power? That’s not what I see! Just… send in the pet. Fine. Look, we’re in the bottom of fucking Moria. You can’t fuck around like that!”

Ian leaned against the wall, crossing his arms, and watched the battle. There were way too many enemies for Kane’s group—he could see that from there.

Goddammit!” Kane shouted, ripping his headphones off and throwing them onto the desk.

“Pick-up group?” Ian asked.

Kane spun around, and Ian glanced over Kane’s shoulder to see his character’s corpse lying on the ground. “Yeah. Why do I get into them again?”

Ian shook his head. “I don’t know. They’re not usually that bad in Middle-earth, though, are they?”

“No, which is why I’m so pissed.” He sighed. “Must be the daytime players.”

“Want to order in tonight?” Ian asked, crossing the room to stand next to his friend.

“Chinese?” Kane looked up hopefully, and Ian laughed.

“Sure. If we can order from the place that does the sushi too.”

“Done!” Kane grinned and snatched at the menu he kept pinned to the small bulletin board over his desk. “How was your day?” he asked as he looked over the menu.

Ian sighed. “Long. Meetings all damned afternoon. I hate meetings. I hate people. And, um, don’t you have to deal with your group?” He pointed at the screen.

Kane shook his head. “No, I dropped it. I should port back, though.” He turned back to the computer and clicked a few things. His corpse revived, the pretty green swirls surrounded him, and the loading screen came up, complete with a twenty-four-inch version of a spider.

Ian shuddered and looked away. Instead, he turned to inspect his friend. He could tell something was bubbling under the olive skin and nearly black eyes. He knew it was very likely the old job, the new job hunt, and the frustration Kane was likely feeling over it. Kane always thought too much, spent way too much mental energy worrying about things.

“Did you work out today?” he asked, giving in and playing with a bit of Kane’s shaggy ebony hair.

“Yeah,” Kane said, and that one syllable told Ian enough: that while the workout might have done some, it most certainly wasn’t enough. He knew Kane would have gotten started on what he had to do, would have done what he felt he needed to, and hated every second of it. He was likely worried about money and not looking forward to working for another bullshit company with bullshit politics and bullshit people.

He knew his friend well.

They’d been friends since they were six. He’d met Kane one hot summer day behind his house, and from that point on, Kane had just always been there.

Kane spun back around in his chair and surprised Ian. He wrapped his arms around Ian’s waist and pulled until they were tight against each other, burying his face in Ian’s stomach.


It’s not that they never hugged or touched. They did—quite often, in fact, for two people who weren’t committed lovers, but this was… different.

“Sorry. Just….” He didn’t continue, instead shook his head a little.

At a loss for what to do, Ian wrapped his arms around Kane’s shoulders.

They stayed that way for a few moments, and then Kane pulled back. “I’m sorry. Just overthinking things today.” He peered up at Ian. “And you’re tired. Let’s get dinner ordered. Want to play for a while?”

Ian considered him for a moment. As much as he wanted to log in and play too, he knew Kane’s current state of mind was not conducive to making any kind of progress. They’d end up dying more than once; then they’d get frustrated over it. Death in the game was relatively painless, but it was still annoying and inconvenient. Which would only serve to make things worse.

Maybe what he needed was another type altogether. “Maybe. Maybe what you need is a different kind of play tonight.” Ian watched Kane’s eyes. His pupils expanded just a bit and his breathing quickened. “Would you like that, pet?”

“Yes, Sir.” Kane’s voice was clear and deferent, his eyes dropping away.

Ian’s own breath quickened and he worked to get hold of himself. “Very well. Strip, get the cushion, and get on your knees. Wait here for me.”

“Yes, Sir,” Kane answered, voice already rough with anticipation, and as Ian stepped away, he hurried to obey.

* * *

About Grace:


Grace Duncan grew up with a wild imagination. She told stories from an early age – many of which got her into trouble. Eventually, she learned to channel that imagination into less troublesome areas, including fanfiction, which is what has led her to writing male/male erotica.

A gypsy in her own right, Grace has lived all over the United States. She has currently set up camp in East Texas with her husband and children – both the human and furry kind.

As one of those rare creatures who loves research, Grace can get lost for hours on the internet, reading up on any number of strange and different topics. She can also be found writing fanfiction, reading fantasy, crime, suspense, romance and other erotica or even dabbling in art.

WebsiteFacebookTwitterGoodreadsEmailAmazon Author Page

Indigent: An anthology to support LGBT charities



Book Description

Five authors have joined together to produce stories evoking both loss and hope. Reaching deep within their fiery imaginations, these stories take flight and showcase dreams for a better today and future for LGBT everywhere. Embodying a diverse set of talents and stories, this volume sets out to grab the hearts of those who read the m/m genre and to offer hope to LGBT across the globe.

Frederick Eugene Feeley Jr’s “Indigent”, after which the anthology takes it’s name, brings the reader to witness an apocalyptic war between the good and evil that rages in one man’s mind. Soon he will know that his prob- lems are insignificant compared to those of others.

Mari Evan’s “Stumbling into Forever”, involves a handsome young vampire who will learn that just a sip of blood is the difference between love and freezing to death.

Leona Windwalker’s   “If Only the World”, takes rejection to another level. A heartbreaking story that is turned on it’s head by the kindness of strangers.

Shaye Evans’ “Rescued”, is a contemporary social statement about the af- termath of a young man’s life after his drink has been spiked at a bar.

LeAnne Phoenix’s “Higher Love”, takes us on an almost spiritual journey through the minds of two people who have never met, but have spo- ken on a telepathic level. When they do come together, that bond is already cemented but there is a price to pay.


Charities Supported

Our nature is to live and let live.

Often disregarding the plight of our homeless, our sick, our tired and our handicapped LGBT fellow beings. It gives us great pleasure in presenting this edition to assist our community members wherever they may be. Many of our community members have nowhere to sleep, nothing to eat, and have no work. The proceeds collected from this book will go to rewarding several charities across the globe. These charities are passionate about what they do. Some take in the homeless and others provide a home for the aged and the handicapped. The charities whom we will be assisting are:


GALA, South Africa

Lost-n-Found-Youth, Atlanta, USA Youth Off The Streets, Australia The Albert Kennedy Trust, UK


GALA is a centre for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGB- TI) culture and education in Africa. Their mission is, first and foremost, to act as a catalyst for the production, preservation and dissemination of knowledge on the history, culture and contemporary experiences of LGBTI people.



Lost-n-Found is Atlanta’s only non-profit organization dedicated to taking homeless lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth off the street and into more permanent housing, Lost-n-Found Youth is dedicated to the advocacy and service of youth from 13 to 25 years old.



Youth Off The Streets is a non-denominational community organisation working for young people aged 12-25 who are facing challenges of homeless- ness, drug and alcohol dependency, exclusion from school, neglect and abuse. We support these young people as they work to turn their lives around and overcome immense personal traumas such as neglect and physical, psycholog- ical and emotional abuse.



The Albert Kennedy Trust supports lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans homeless young people in crisis. Every day they deal with the the effects home- lessness can have on young people’s lives.



These charities require funding to assist desperate, needy members of our community and this book is a mere drop in the ocean of how we can reach out socially to them.

Indigent has been produced to entertain and delight and all the stories leave the reader with a “feel good” state of mind.

Title: Indigent

ISBN: ISBN (13) 978-1512317404

Genre: Fiction – LGBT Anthology

Audience: Young Adult and Teen (age group 16+)

Edition: Quality Paperback, Pages – 464, $5.99 Ebook, $3.99

Authors: Frederick Eugene Feeley Jr, Mari Evans, Leona Windwalker, Shaye Evans, M. LeAnne Phoenix

Publisher: CoolDudes Publishing (PTY) LTD

Publication Date: 15 June, 2015

Distributor: Online distribution. Createspace. Amazon. Gumroad.


Author Information

Frederick Eugene Feeley Jr

F.E. Feeley Jr was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and lived there for twenty years before joining the military. He is a veteran of the US Armed Services; having done a tour in support of Operation Iraq Freedom in 2002-2003, he turned college student, pursuing a degree in political sci- ence. He now lives in Southeast Texas where he is married to the love of his life, John, and where they raise their 1½-year-old German shepherd, Kaiser.

As a young man, reading took center stage in his life, especially those nov- els about ghosts, witches, goblins, and all the other things that went bump in the night. His favorite authors include such writers as Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and Anne Rice, whose work allowed him to travel to far off plac- es and meet fascinating and scary characters. As a gay man, he wishes to be able to write good fictional literature for those who love the genre and to write characters that readers can relate to. All in all, he is a cigarette smokin’, whiskey drinkin’, rock and roll lovin’, tattoo wearin’ dreamer of a man with a wonderful partner who puts up with his crap and lets him write his stories.


Mari Evans

Mari is a wife and the proud mother of a very active daughter, two

dogs and two cats. She’s a very social kind of girl, who loves to talk. It’s both her best and worst quality.

From the moment she could read, she devoured books. Anything goes, as long as it has a happy ending.

There were always stories swirling around in her head and as a child she liked to lay in bed and let the characters have their story and happy ending. It wasn’t until 2013 that she actually tried to put one of the whole stories down and submit it to a publisher. To her own surprise and excitement it was accept- ed. This gave her the drive to keep going.

The decision to write m/m was made when a friend told a story about a young gay man that struck a chord, even as her husband had already encour- aged her to try it earlier.

Now she found her passion, having already found the love in her family and friends, her life is completely chaotic, crazy but wonderful.



Shaye Evans

Shaye is a proud Australian and best selling author of the M/M Romance genre.

At age nineteen, Shaye found her love in the m/m genre when she read her first M/M and was instantly hooked, but it took her an entire year to begin writing her own. She has had five of nine short stories accepted to be published in 2014 alone. Something she is very proud to admit—and who wouldn’t be

When not writing or plotting her next piece, Shaye keeps busy by either reading one of over four-hundred books in her collection, designing her next book cover, or shopping. She one day dreams of being a paramedic and her books making it to the movies!


Leona Windwalker

Leona is a long time staunch supporter of human rights and environmental causes. Her favorite genre is m/m fiction and she particularly enjoys the sci fi, fantasy and action suspense sub-genres, especially if they have a nice seasoning of romance. She has far too many books on her Kindle, has overloaded her phone with even more, and when not reading, writing, being driven to distraction by her children, or being overlorded by her three cats, spends time trying to locate the portal that the sock monster uses to steal socks from her dryer.


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An avid cat lover, Ms. Phoenix has been owned by many throughout her life, though her current owner is one Lily-Rose, who really would like for her to step away from the keyboard and pay her some attention! After all, hasn’t she earned it?

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Kimi D Saunders (Leona Windwalker)

Leona is a long time staunch supporter of human rights and environmental causes. Her favorite genre is m/m fiction and she particularly enjoys the sci fi, fantasy and action suspense sub-genres, especially if they have a nice seasoning of romance. She has far too many books on her Kindle, has overloaded her phone with even more, and when not reading, writing, being driven to distraction by her children, or being overlorded by her three cats, spends time trying to locate the portal that the sock monster uses to steal socks from her dryer.



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Have you been keeping track of all my releases this month? We’re up to three now, with more to come! (And you can preorder Astounding! at 30% off! The sale ends June 14).

OHAH-1000x1595But today I want to talk about the book that came out today. It’s called Of Heaven and Hell, and it’s an anthology with angel and demon themes. Yummy, right? My story is “Corruption.”

This story is a little unusual for me, in that I wrote the first few paragraphs some time ago but then let it sit. I almost always finish what I start. But I knew this one was going to be fairly dark and other deadlines were pressing, so I put it aside. But I really wanted to write it!

The feeling of a story is often as important to me as plot and characters, and this one felt a little like a 1930s noir tale–think Dashiell Hammett–and a little like Ray Bradbury in an especially dark mood. So yeah–if Dashiell Hammett and Ray Bradbury had a gay love child, it would be “Corruption.”

Anyway, I am very pleased with how the story came out, and I hope you will be too. You can read it–and several other terrific tales–now. And you can get the book for 40% off!


Please welcome Hope Ryan!


Hello there! Thank you so much to Kim Fielding for giving me some space on her blog today! I really appreciate it. A little while back, I did a post for Nikki Prince on some of the music on my playlist for The Geek and His Artist. Every story I write has some kind of soundtrack—back when I wrote fanfiction, even that had something. Geek is no exception.

Jimmy is a big fan of My Chemical Romance. At one point, he has “the talk” with his mom about his sexuality—and sex—and she suggests he blast some MCR to help clear his head on his way to his first date with Simon. One of Jimmy’s (and my) favorite MCR songs is “Teenagers,” which is a lot of fun.

Watch it here:

Teenagers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6EQAOmJrbw

Lyrics here.

Another song I’d like to share comes from Tokio Hotel. As Jimmy is waiting to pick Simon up for dinner, the song comes on the radio. The basic premise of the song is about getting through some tough stuff to bet somewhere new. Jimmy likes the parallel and, more or less makes it unofficially “their song.”

Watch it here:

Monsoon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Le_IyYLrUtQ

Lyrics here.

You can listen to/watch the whole playlist on Youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1GRRRYSRvmOAKm0yidpiiZ8PAKG0TfDx

Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to follow the rest of the tour for chances to win a paperback copy of Geek and $25 to spend at Harmony Ink! Each comment below also qualifies you for an entry to the giveaway. One reader today will win a Geek character trading card of your choice!

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GeekandHisArtist[The]FSSimon Williams spends his lunch periods drawing his geek and trying not to think about the terrors waiting for him at home. He needs to get away from his abusive father before he suffers the same grisly fate as his mother. Because he’s learned the hard way running away doesn’t work, he’s counting the days until his eighteenth birthday.

Jimmy Bennet should be spending his lunch studying so his senior GPA is good enough to get him into college, but he can’t seem to focus thanks to his distracting artist. When he’s given the opportunity to tutor Simon in Trig and discovers Simon’s home-life nightmare, he wants nothing more than to get Simon out of danger. This need becomes more urgent when Simon comes to school the Monday after their first date with bruises, but it takes a broken leg before Jimmy can convince his boyfriend the Bennets really want him.

But the danger Simon thought was past shows up at the most unexpected time, and he must stand up to the fears he’s held so long to protect not only himself, but the man he wants to spend his life with.

You can get Geek here:

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hope (1)About Hope:

Hope Ryan is an out and proud bisexual, wife of a loving guy and mother to three, including an amazingly brave gender fluid son. She loves to write about the tough stuff, but also wants to see her characters happy in the end. She feels strongly about showing there is hope for everyone, no matter where you come from, how you identify your gender or who you love.

Hope likes to play board and card games and can often be found playing God with her Sims or running around, fighting monsters in a virtual version of Middle Earth. Her TV and movie preferences lean towards anime, sci fi and fantasy, though she’ll never turn down a good happily ever after love story, either. As long as there are explosions or action, she’s happy. She loves to read books of all kinds, though prefers stories about love in its many forms.

Find Hope at her website (http://www.hoperyan.com), email her (hoperyanauthor@gmail.com), or on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/hoperyanauthor).