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Crow’s Fate


Crow’s Fate (Audible)

Publisher: Tin Box Press

Length: Novel

Genre: Urban Fantasy

You can’t fly away from destiny.

Crow Rapp assumes he’ll spend his life growing corn in rural Illinois, like the grandparents who raised him. But during a visit to a traveling carnival, he encounters a handsome stranger named Simeon Bell—and receives a prophecy of a horrifying future. When that future materializes soon afterward, Crow flees… only to find that no matter how far he goes, fate pursues him.

Simeon reenters his life a decade later and causes Crow to consider whether actively fighting his fate might be better than constant attempts at escape. In a world tinged by magic, where myths are as real as the sky above them, the men try to determine Crow’s true identity. Along the way, they test the powers of friendship and love and explore the boundaries of free will—ultimately discovering whether the force of destiny can be overcome.


A Bureau Story

Bureau Book 11

Follow the rules.

That’s what Con Becker does, even when it means denying his own needs. Because one thing he’s learned is that breaking the rules gets you into trouble. It alienates you from your family. It brings you face-to-fangs with death.

So Con sticks to his lab in the basement of the Bureau, examining evidence, updating his spreadsheets, and enduring the pain of his damaged body. Until Chief Townsend sends Con on a field mission with Agent Isaac Molina.

The task seems simple—recruit allies from among the coyote shifter community—but nothing is easy when your alluring partner has no patience for protocols and regulations. And when monsters attack from the darkness.

When obligation collides with desire, Con must decide how to fulfill his mission, keep himself and Isaac alive… and cope with the demons that seek to consume him. And in order to succeed, he just might have to break some rules.