Too many books?

I have a problem. You may have a similar problem.

Book addiction.

Yes, this helped inspire Elliott in The Little Library. And although many of my purchases are ebooks, I also have a hard time resisting the pull of print books. Which is why my shelves look like this.

And like this.

And like this.

Those are only the downstairs shelves. There are more upstairs. And in my office at work. Between these and the books on my Kindle, I probably have enough reading to last the rest of my life. Yet I keep buying more….

The Little Library is here!

Are you familiar with the concept of Little Free Libraries? Someone builds one on their property and sticks books in it, and anyone who passes by can borrow a book. The idea is that borrowers will return the books when they’re done with them, or replace them with new ones.

You can check here to see if there are any of these libraries near you. Here’s one we found in San Francisco:

And this is one my daughter discovered in Portland:

In The Little Library, one of these wonderful little things serves as a partial solution for Elliott’s book-hoarding problem–and a pathway to companionship and love. I hope you enjoy the book. It released today!





(If you happen to have a Little Free Library near you, wouldn’t it be fun to leave a copy of this book?)

Update on The Little Library

Folks, after considerable agonizing, I’ve asked Riptide Publishing to return the rights for The Little Library to me. This wasn’t any easy decision, but I made it in hopes of doing the best I can for my readers, who I appreciate so much.

Riptide has been extremely accommodating in this matter. So much so that I should be able to release the book on or near its originally planned release date (March 26), with LC Chase’s beautiful cover, which you’ve already seen.

If you’ve preordered from Riptide, you should be getting a refund soon.

I’ll announce on my blog and social media as soon as the book is available for order. You’ll get the same professionally edited (by several rounds of editors!) book with the same cover you would have, so the only difference for you will be that you’ll order directly from booksellers. The book will be available in both print and ebook versions.

There may be some slight delay due to my travel–I’m in Paris now, returning to the US on Monday–but I don’t anticipate anything major.

I apologize for this confusion, but I do hope you’re still willing to give this book a chance. Thank you so much for being a reader! <3


PS–If you’re a reviewer and would like a review copy, please let me know. If you’ve already read and plan to post a review (thank you!!) I can supply you with a link as soon as I have one–just let me know.

Happy Monday from Zagreb!

I’ve been in Zagreb for a week now. I’m spending some of my time doing day-job work at the university, but of course I’m also having fun. I’ve been wandering, shopping, visiting museums, meeting up with friends, and eating my favorite local foods.

I’ve lucked out with some good weather. It was snowing lightly when I arrived, but since then temps have warmed up and all I’ve had to deal with is a little rain.

I’ve also been doing some writing. By the end of this week I hope to finish my first draft of Creature, the third book in the Bureau series. This one will be longer than the other two; it’s coming in at over 30K words.

I’m getting very exited about two upcoming book releases. The Little Library releases two weeks from today! You can preorder now from Riptide Publishing. Also keep an eye out for my blog tour with exclusive content and a giveaway.

Then next month, A Full Plate releases from Dreamspinner Press. You can preorder that one now too, and I’ll be doing another blog tour.

In a few days I’ll leave my beloved Zagreb by train and go to Paris for Salon Livre, where I’ll be signing books. I hope to see some of you there!

Over the moon

I’m in one of my favorite places in the world–Zagreb. I have a lovely apartment literally in the center of the city. I’m dealing with travel adventures such as lost luggage (now found), unaccessible work email (now accessed), and deciphering labels and signs in a language I don’t speak (Croatian people generally speak excellent English and are gracious about doing so).

And then I find out that Love Is Heartless is a Lambda Literary Award finalist, in the gay mystery category.

Not only that, but I’m in the company of some very fine authors indeed, some of whom I’m lucky enough to count as friends. I couldn’t be me more thrilled!

And Dreamspinner is temporarily offering you a discount on books from its three finalists: Rhys Ford, C.C. Poe, and me.

Dreamspinner Press and DSP Publications are proud to have three titles as Lambda Literary Finalists and to celebrate they are 35% off.

Tramps and Thieves
Love Is Heartless
The Mystery of the Curiosities at DSP Publications

If you need the series these finalists are a part of, Murder and Mayhem, Love Can’t, and Snow & Winter are included in the 35% off sale.

WHERE? Dreamspinner Press & DSP Publications
WHEN? March 06, 2018 – 10:00 AM Eastern To March 09, 2018 – 11:59 PM Eastern

Off again

As you’re reading this, I’m arriving in one of my favorite cities, Zagreb. (Which has featured in a few of my stories, of course.) I’ll be staying in a wonderful apartment right on the main square (I once spent a month in that apartment). Ten zillion cafes and one of Europe’s best greenmarkets, all right outside my door. While I’m there I’ll be doing some research and guest lectures. Day job stuff.

And then I get to take the train to Paris. I’m excited about the journey itself because I love train travel. In Paris I’ll be signing books at Salon Livre. I hope to see some of you there!

Because there’s no rest for the wicked, I’ll also be working on the finishing the 3rd book in the Bureau series and doing final edits on Blyd and Pearce, which is due out this summer. I enjoy writing while I travel. Later when I read the stories, I remember where I was as I wrote each bit.

I’ll post photos, I promise! So make sure you keep up with me on social media.

And check it out–I now have two novels available for preorder! The Little Library releases March 26 and A Full Plate on April 17.