So I’m back from New York City and working away. Last night I finished the first draft of my newest novel, tentatively titled Brute. It’s another darkish fantasy, so if you enjoyed the Praesidium books I think you’ll like this one. Now it’s time for editing, which is a process I’ve grown to enjoy. I learn a lot from it, and it’s such fun to see my work get all polished and pretty! It’s also wonderful to get my first chance to see how readers react to a story.

I heard an interview on NPR this morning with Jonah Lehrer, author of a book called Imagine: How Creativity Works. I haven’t read his book yet. But he was talking in the interview about the portion of the brain (it’s in the right brain) responsible for creative leaps as well as things like understanding jokes and metaphors. And he was saying how lots of people experience these creative leaps in bed in the morning or while showering. Hey, that’s me! 

For me, creativity is usually a very sudden process. I can’t force it, but then while I’m driving or brushing my teeth, the solution I’m looking for or the new plot twist just pops into my head, all shiny and tied with a bow.