Dealing with student whining

I sort of outed myself to one of my classes today. Here’s how the conversation went:

Students: [loud and assorted whining about the 15 page term paper that’s due next week–which I assigned to them in August]
Me: I don’t want to hear it. I’ve written 55,000 words in the last 20 days. That’s over 100 single-spaced pages.
Female Student 1: Why?
Me: November is National Novel Writing Month. For the fourth year in a row, I’m writing a novel in a month.
Students: [various impressed noises]
Male student 1: What’s your novel about?
Me: A werewolf.
Female student 2: You mean it’s Twilight?
Me: No, definitely not Twilight.
Male student 2: But is your werewolf gay? Ha ha ha.
Me: As a matter of fact, yes.
Students: [surprised silence]
Male student 2: So then is your gay werewfolf like Twilight?
Me: No, mine is a architect and generally keeps his shirt on.
Students: [laughter]

Then we started talking about execution methods in ancient Egypt.