I’m in a mood

I’m in a mood. Bear with me.

I received a box from Dreamspinner Press today. At first I though the postal service had managed to detour it through a war zone because it looked like this:

  Then I touched the box and realized no, not a war, a flood. The cardboard was still pretty soggy.

Fortunately, someone at DSP did a fantastic job wrapping the contents in plastic, because this is what was inside:

Yay! My print copies of The Tin Box! And they arrived unscathed.

Later today, I saw an ad for this scarf. Why bother knitting when you can just drape the entire skein of yarn around your neck?

Now can I complain about money? My older daughter began high school a little over a month ago. In that time, we’ve been asked to dole out money for 1. A tennis team trip to an amusement park, 2. A tennis uniform, 3. A tennis T-shirt, 4. A tennis servathon, 5. A choir T-shirt, 6. A yearbook, 7. A student ID card, 8. A mandatory PE uniform. For the younger kid, who’s in 5th grade, we’ve been limited thus far to a field trip, a yearbook, and a cookie dough/wrapping paper fundraiser.

We’re lucky–we can afford all this crap. But what about families that can’t?

And finally, can I vent about colleagues at the day job who get pissed off at other colleagues but won’t tell them directly, and instead expect me to act as mediator?

I feel much better now. Hey! Look at the beautiful book!

PS–Did you enter the giveaway yet? Did you catch my post over on Tali Spencer’s blog, or my interview at Garrett Leigh’s?