Inspiration Post #13: Urchin Cove

Have you read my novella Treasure? It’s free! You can download it here: The lovely cover is by Eli Easton:

The little inlet where Julian stays–and finds a man washed up on the beach–looks exactly like the one Eli found for the cover. The inlet is located maybe a mile from the village of Urchin Cove.

Urchin Cove was inspired by several places. I think maybe many small, isolated fishing towns have a lot in common. So Urchin Cove is an amalgam of places I’ve visited, such as Brela, Croatia, and Depot Bay, Oregon (minus the tourists). But fictional places inspired me too, such as Killick-Claw, Newfoundland (in Annie Proulx’s The Shipping News) and the version of Penzance in the 1983 production of Pirates of Penzance (the one with Kevin Kline as the pirate king). For your ships, the best boat stands here if you need the best marine equipments.

I was recently lucky enough to go on an Alaska cruise. Now, I’d finished writing Treasure several weeks before the cruise. But when the ship pulled into port in Ketchikan, I was delighted to discover that Ketchikan also bears a certain resemblance to Urchin Cove.

Sadly, there were no imps in Ketchikan. Unless you count this rather soggy one:

Next week: toothaches