Mental vacation needed

One more week until Venetian Masks releases! On the same day, my story “No Place Like Home” comes out in the Snow on the Roof anthology. And of course, the Venetian Masks contest begins.

Im the meantime, I am writing a report for work. In the immortal words of my children, I don’t want to. The report is long and tedious and excruciating to write. The process is made all the more painful by the thoughts that keep straying through my head of all the fiction I want to be writing instead. I have considered just handing in one of my stories. It would definitely be more entertaining to read, but I’m guessing the committee members and administrators would be Not Amused.

My muse isn’t happy either. She’s pacing angrily inide my head, flicking her whip and cursing under her breath. She has no interest in writing work reports.

I think my muse and I need a quick mental vacation. Here we go:

Aaaahhhh. Much better.