Much better

I had a pretty crappy day yesterday. Nothing all that exciting–just the stress of my day job and some particularly frustrating idiocy on behalf of some of the people who work there. But then last evening I received an email from a reader who enjoyed some of my books and who said they’ve inspired him to write his own story.

Talk about turning my mood around!

I write because I have all these voices in my head, all these stories fighting to get out. I suppose I’d keep on writing even if nobody in the world ever read my word  (*sob sob!*). But receiving an email like this–that’s what truly makes writing a joy. What more could an author want than to know the people she invented mean something to someone else?

I have never written a fan letter to any of my favorite authors, even though some of them have changed my life. I guess it never occurred to me how much a letter like that could mean. And I really appreciate this reader’s effort.

So–crappy day forgotten, happiness ensues!

And to top it off, I’ve just signed a contract for audiobook versions of my Ennek trilogy. They should be out with the next 12 months. As always 100% of my royalties from the trilogy will go to Doctors Without Borders.