My long weekend

I spent a lovely weekend in Sausalito with friends. We relaxed, we ate, we shopped. I reviewed the galley proofs for Brute. Here’s the view I had as I was sitting in a cafe with the galleys:

Yeah, well, that’s hard to beat, isn’t it? I’ve traveled a fair amount, but I believe that San Francisco is one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

This was the view from down the street. The gull reminded me of the cover of Flux. Which is a photo I took in San Francisco, actually.

In fact, I took the Flux cover photo just a few yards from the restaurant where we had this for dessert on Saturday. Key lime flavor. Possibly the most fun dessert I’ve ever eaten. The waiter informed us that it’s made from organic sugar, which, he said, is important because the body tastes organic sugar differently than the regular stuff. I’m skeptical. But where else in the world could you take a ferry to lunch, eat clay pot chicken as your main course, then eat organic key lime cotton candy for dessert? All with a view.  I think every meal we ate over the weekend had a water view, and 2 restaurants were on piers over the water.

And this is what my older daughter and her friend did to their hair today. While they were doing that, I was sitting in the nearby Starbucks with younger daughter, and I was finishing those galleys. Now back to NaNo!