Selfish guilty pleasures


I am about 34,000 words into writing the third book in the Bones series. I have tomorrow off from work but the kids will be in school and the husband will be at work. And I have my stash of selfish guilty pleasures to sustain me.

Left and front, we have salty-sweet black licorice from Germany, which nobody in the house except me will touch. All mine! Behind that, some yummy tea from Japan by way of San Francisco. I’m the only one here who drinks tea. Mine! The black box contains Recchiuti fleur de sel caramels, which are pretty much like orgasms for the tongue. I share these with my husband, because I’m nice that way. And on the foil? Turkish delight! I was recently whining about wanting some (it’s really hard to find in the US). Coincidentally, a colleague was visiting family in Hawaii, and the aunt just brought a box of Turkish delight from Istanbul. My colleague left some for me at my office today, which was a very nice surprise. I’m sharing it with the older kid.

So tomorrow will be a good day, I think.

Do you have guilty pleasures you’re selfish about too?