For a variety of reasons, I do most of my writing on my laptop at the kitchen table. The problem with this–especially during summer–is that I’m fair game for interruptions. My offspring and husband pepper me with constant questions, demands, and comments, most of which could probably wait. Real recent examples:

14-year-old: What’s that word that you pronounce differently than us because you’re from Illinois and we’re from California? Oh, and we need cupcake frosting because we have two things of cake mix and only one thing of frosting.

11-year-old: It’s not fair that Pluto doesn’t get to be a planet anymore.

Husband: What time are the kids’ dentist appointments next week? Oh, and [younger kid] left her dirty clothes in the living room again.

I’ve been complaining about this a tiny bit lately.

So today my 11-year-old devised a solution for me:


Isn’t that creative? She even gave me a stand to display the appropriate flag:


Now honestly, the chances of any of them actually respecting the busy sign and leaving me alone are damn slim, but I feel the kid’s earned points for effort.


[PS–The word is caught/cot. My husband and kids pronounce those words identically. I don’t. For some reason this amuses them.]