An experiment

It’s a new year–a good time to hope for and work toward positive changes. I’m not talking about resolutions here, although all power to you if you make ’em. I mean the big things: More Hope. More Peace. More Love. And I truly believe that small actions can lead to big results, especially in the aggregate. What you do counts. Even when the bad shit seems overwhelming, let’s all try to sneak in the good. Give a little help to someone who doesn’t expect it. Grant a sincere compliment. Support someone in words or deeds, even if their goals aren’t your own.

I’ve been trying to avoid most news and social media because they’re weighing me down. But for the next week, I’m trying an experiment. Every time I stumble across something negative or hurtful, I’m going to respond by posting something positive or supportive. Someone tweets something nasty? I’m going to tweet about a kind thing someone did or an accomplishment I really admire. A politician does something dangerous or stupid? I’ll post about people who’ve done something smart and helpful. I’m going to respond to ugliness with beauty.

This isn’t actually the post I set out to write. In fact, I intended to tell you about my trip to New Orleans and my next book, which releases in 10 days. But that discussion can wait a little while. In the meantime, consider joining my experiment? Maybe we won’t change the world, but I figure any bit of extra light helps dispel the darkness.

4 thoughts on “An experiment”

  1. What a wonderful way to bring more beauty into the world! I love this idea and will strive to emulate it (although I don’t do much social media).

  2. An excellent idea. There’s too much negativity in the world.

    And let me say I just finished “Brute” and enjoyed it very much. You’re an excellent writer. I’m looking forward to ploughing through the rest of your books.

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