Back from GayRomLit

I am back from GayRomLit. Didn’t get much sleep, but had a wonderful time and met some really fantastic people. I didn’t actually take that many photos, but I have a few to share.

 There were go-go boys.

 And chiles. Lots and lots of chiles. I’ve never been to New Mexico before and had no idea how seriously obsessed they are about chiles. They put them in everything. Sushi!

 Sugar skulls from one of the publisher-sponsored events.

 Drunk authors and readers dancing the hokey-pokey. I’d had 3 margaritas myself at this point (a personal record) but didn’t dance.

 And when I finally returned home, my copies of Don’t Try This at Home were waiting for me. My story “Tyler Wang Has a Ball” is in this anthology.

GayRomLit was a great event and I’d highly recommend it. Next year it will be in Atlanta. Also, I’d like to add that the staff at the Hard Rock Casino Hotel really did rock–everyone there was super nice and friendly.