Today I’m going to talk about donations and then hit you up for one.

I give all the royalties from my Praesidium trilogy (Stasis, Flux, and Equipoise) to Doctors Without Borders. Not only is the cause an excellent one, but the charity itself is well-run, so that a very large proportion of donations actually goes to doing good. I’m getting ready to make another donation to DWB–for $900. I’m pretty darn pleased over that. That’s enough to treat respiratory infections in 650 kids and purchase 280 rapid diagnostic tests for HIV.

Because you guys have bought my books, I’ve been able to give this worthy cause several thousand dollars. I think you should all give yoursevles a round of applause.

So now my older daughter is doing a fundraiser. For every $15 she collects, $10 goes to buy a wreath for a grave at Arlington National Cemetery. The remaining $5 goes to help fund her class trip to Washington, DC and New York City this coming spring. If you’re interested, you can donate online here: