I wear many hats, one of which is college professor. This time of year–when my grades have just been turned in!–I like to share bloopers from student papers and exams. So here we go. These are verbatim.

  • Whatever you do, don’t claim to be a witch!! If so, get ready to be burned alive at the steak.
  • Fogging was also very common, which is being whipped or beaten.
  • If you ask me I think that trails by ordeal were forms of punishment as well.
  • People seen the punishment as harsh and this resulted in more crimes being committed and in sighted riots or revolts.
  • Before there were prisons or a pubic way to enforce crime, the world still had to punish people for their crimes.
  • Snapped judgment is a set of influenced assumptions open to a whole set of schemas that are judgmental.
  • NCAA is an anti-hate group.
  • In this research paper, I will be talking numerous events that were vigilante events in America that happened.
  • For the most part, compared to other countries, America might be considered similar and different for a variety of reasons.
  • Terrorism in general is a dangerous threat to the United State because of the political and religious reasons.
  • American citizen’s loss a sense of security that day.
  • The intelligence process that the United States is a lot like a college research paper.
  • Is the exchange of something for sexual favors? It is also said to be the state of being prostitute.
  • One was either for or against it and both sides had good legal arguments to back up their believing’s.
  • A pogrom is a program.
  • A pogrom is a thing Jewish people wear on their head.
  • A pogrom is a child born from a mixed race relation.
  • A pogrom is a type if antihate movement.
  • Is your head hurting now? Here’s how I feel:

    6 thoughts on “Bloopers”

    1. Wow. There are some major misunderstandings about what a pogrom is, aren’t there? And I had to laugh about the NCAA being an anti-hate group. Cooperative collegiate sports, anyone?

    2. ROFLMAO! Oh, memories. I was once a TA in the English Department of a very large university (before I dropped out of the doctoral program *gulp*). This all sounds so familiar — and still both cracks me up and makes me despair.

      Thanks so much for sharing, Kim.

    3. All the definitions of “pogrom” are just so close to almost being nearly right if you really stretch the definition of “right”. 😀

      I mean, a pogrom IS a program of violence, brought down upon the heads of Jews, sometimes resulting in children of mixed ethnic backgrounds, and the words “anti” and “hate” could fit in there somehow…..Hey, I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt. And thanking God that I don’t have to grade those papers. 😀

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