Bookshelf tour–part 3

You’ve seen my bookcases. Now it’s time to see what my family has.

084┬áThis is my husband’s nightstand. I find his contribution to the family book collection unacceptable, especially since these are his only books. Tsk tsk.






087 086

The older daughter helps make up for her father’s book inadequacies. Her room contains three cases. As you can see, one is filled mostly with her snow globe collection, but her cookbooks are there too (she owns more, but the rest are currently scattered elsewhere as a result of her summer baking habits). The right-hand case has most of her books. But the third case is tucked near her bed. Only the top couple of shelves contain books; you can see some of that peeking above the top bunk of her bed. The rest of the shelves have school papers, books, and god knows what else.

088And finally, we have the younger kid’s case, the condition of which is indicative of the state of her bedroom in general. Somewhere in that room, I’m pretty sure we could find the Holy Grail, Jimmy Hoffa, and the lost city of Atlantis. And quite a lot of books.

That’s it! The complete tour! I have more bookcases at the office, but that tour is less entertaining, I think.


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