Catch-up post

It is late July and I’m rushing to get my holiday story done on time. Ack! But I wanted to check in with you guys too.

Lately, my garden has gone phallic in a sort of sad way.

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The sago palm–a male, obviously–is probably lusting after the female sago, which is unfortunately rooted about 25 feet away. I hope some pollinators come to the star-crossed lovers’ rescue. I don’t know what the deal is with that cactus.

What’s going on around here besides writing deadlines and sexually frustrated floriculture? Well, I have several contests coming up next week. Two are from Aidee Ladnier, who’s promoting her book, The Klockwerk Kraken. And one is from me to celebrate the cover reveal and preorder availability of my 13th novel, Rattlesnake.

Soon I’ll be taking the older kid to the airport. She’ll be┬áhanging out at┬áthe Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival. I have to take the younger one to get PE clothes for junior high, because apparently plain old shorts and T-shirts won’t do. And I have to prepare for the beginning of the fall semester (ugh) and my upcoming trip to Portugal and Croatia (yay). I’m also finishing the final edits on “Dei ex Machina,” my novella that will appear in the 4th Gothika anthology in October.

Oh! And thanks to the talented Catherine Dair and my sister, I have a cool swag idea for GRNW and GRL. I’m still working on deciding on my GRL costume.

So stop by next week for contests and book chat. And to find out about Rattlesnake. I’m really excited about this one. I fell head-over-heels for Jimmy and Shane.




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