I got the blues….

I don’t really. But I was doing some cleanup in my study the other day, which means I was sifting through geological layers of magazines, children’s artwork and report cards, papers that seemed vitally important six years ago, etc. And I found these lyrics my husband and I wrote a while back.

Suburban Middle-Class Blues

My Lexus done broke down
Cleaning the pool is a chore
Starbucks is crowded and
My iPhone don’t work no more

I got the blues
I got suburban, middle-class blues
I got a 401k
Don’t mean I can’t have the blues

I just stepped on a Lego
Scraped up dried-up fruit snack
Today’s my turn to drive carpool and
One kid puked in the back

Telemarketers callin’
‘Bout lower interest rates
Tween daughter is textin’ boys and
Pretty soon she’ll want dates

Got five appointments this week
Dentists, doctors, et al
And if I want a new pair of walking shoes
I’ll have to go to the mall

Pizza boy can’t get here
In thirty minutes or less
So I keep goin’ by drive-through and
My waistline is a mess

Feel free to add your own stanzas in the comments….

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