Inspiration Post #5: Elwood the cat

In my novella Speechless, Travis has a cat named Elwood. The two have a lot in common. They’re both half-blind, they both had kind of tough beginnings before they found each other, and neither is a sensitive type, at least on the surface. And eventually they both fall for Drew.

Elwood was inspired by a real cat:

Okay, I have to let you in on a little secret: the real cat is female and her name is Xena Warrior Princess. She’s lived outside my office building for years. An infection when she was a small kitten blinded her in one eye, and a couple years ago she lost the eye completely in a fight with a fox. But she doesn’t let it get her down. She leads a good life, well-fed by faculty, staff, and students. She gets regular veterinary care. She stalks the grounds for rodents and sometimes she lets people pet her, but mostly she takes long naps in the sun.

Elwood doesn’t actually appear in The Gig, but he is mentioned. You can download The Gig for free from Dreamspinner Press.

Next week: Brute

My novella Treasure is now available for free!  Pirates, a lonely invalid, and a loveable rogue. 🙂

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  1. I’m a huge cat fan, Xena Warrior Princess sounds like a fun cat, yay for her inspiring Elwood. And yay for The Gig available for free, I look forward to reading it!!! I also look forward to reading Treasure… and the books that require actual purchase once I have dispensable funds again!

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