Interview Roulette: Keelan Ellis

Keelan Ellis spins the wheel today!


  1. If you were on a cruise ship for a week, what would you spend your time doing?

I have been on a cruise for a week, and most of my time was spent trying to find a moment to myself. If I could manage it, I would spend most of my days in a shady spot on the deck, writing my next book. Also, stuffing my face and drinking too much, because let’s face it—that’s what cruises are for, right?

2. Which Disney character most closely resembles you?

Maybe Sleeping Beauty? I really enjoy a long nap.

3. What is your favorite appliance?

These days, my slow cooker. I resisted for many years, but once I started using it, I fell in love.

4. One of your characters had—much to everyone’s shock—suddenly become leader of a small country. What are that character’s first actions?

What a terrifying thought! If Terry Blackwood, lead singer of the Vulgar Details, had to run a country, the first thing he’d do is set aside plenty of land for national parks, because he’s a low key NP nerd. After that, he’d appoint Henry to make all the decisions for him.

5. If you could communicate perfectly with one species of animal, what would it be?

Birds. They get to see things from such a different perspective than earthbound creatures and I think it would be interesting. Also, they’d make great spies.

6. If you could build any kind of structure to live in, what would you choose and why?

A treehouse. I’ve always wanted a huge, totally tricked out treehouse.

7. What invention would you love to see created in order to make your life easier?

Fantasy invention? I want something to dictate the dialogue I write in my head when I’m in the car or the shower. I can never get it just right when I try to write it down later. Either that or a robot servant who is programmed to be a master chef.

8. In your opinion, what should be the Seven Deadly Sins?

  1. Hacky stand up comedy
  2. Inconsiderate driving
  3. MAGA hats
  4. Wine mom memes
  5. Playing games on your phone in a waiting room with the sound on
  6. Humblebragging
  7. Unsolicited dick pics

9. What is the most obnoxious thing you have ever done to try to impress someone you really liked?

Once, back in the 90s, I pretended to love ska.

10. Who would win in a fight – A monkey with a jet pack or a dog with Hitler’s brain?

Hitler lost even in a human body and an entire army, so clearly I have to go with the monkey.


Book blurb:

Talented studio musician, Henry Cole, is offered the dream job of touring with popular rock band, the Vulgar Details. Things aren’t all rosy, though, as he is hired to replace Dell Miller, creative force behind the band, who recently flamed-out in a car accident.

Henry is all too aware that he’s no replacement for someone like Dell. He’s not the only one who feels that way, either. Terry Blackwood, band front man, has been giving him a hard time even before the tour start. He seems to resent Henry’s presence beyond all reason. What Henry doesn’t know is that Terry and Dell’s relationship was both intensely close and fraught with conflict.

Terry’s grief over Dell’s death is overwhelming and threatens to destroy not only the band but his life. It doesn’t help that the new member of the band makes him feel things he doesn’t want to. Worse, when he sings, Henry sounds just like the man Terry cared so deeply for.

With so much at stake, everything could come crashing down around them and mean the end for the Vulgar Details. Or, just maybe, Henry and Terry will find the one thing they need most.


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Author bio:

Keelan Ellis is an author of romance and detective fiction, who is always seeking to expand her literary horizons. She is a lover of music and food, and has an intense love/hate relationship with politics. Her stories reflect her passions.

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