I’ve been in Iowa City to attend the Iowa Summer Writing Festival. I’ve had a wonderful time with a couple of workshops–and come up with some plot bunnies I’m really excited about. Which makes sense, given the number of rabbits hopping around this city’s lawns.

That’s the old capitol (from before Iowans decided to legislate from Des Moines). The best thing about it is the inscription over the doorway:

I especially love that period after the A.

Iowa City is very literary in general. They have these cute little mini libraries:

This one dispenses dog treats as well as books.

I’ve lived in the Midwest, but have spent very little time here over the past 20 years. So Iowa has gifted me with some of the things I’ve missed: fireflies, a good thunderstorm, Hy-Vee grocery store, lemon custard ice cream, and yesterday a tornado warning.

I was all set to fly back to the West Coast today, but apparently Delta Airlines had other plans, so I get an unexpected bonus day. We celebrated with a visit to Prairie Lights Books and crepes:

Yes, it tasted as good as it looked.