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Welcome! I’m excited to be participating in the Manga and Romance Blog Hop.

I have four novels and several short stories published, with more on the way. All my work fits more or less in the category of m/m romance. I sort of ended up here accidentally.

I never could stomach het romance novels. The plots seemed too cliched and although I’m a straight woman I couldn’t begin to empathize with the female protagonists. I read fantasy instead, and horror, and magical realism, and a whole lot of stuff that gets called “literature.”

Then I discovered fanfiction. To be specific, I discovered slash Buffy fanfiction (starring Spike, mostly). That I enjoyed very much. After a while of reading, I began to write. It was fun! I had fans!

And then I wrote my first novel, Stasis. This was in 2009, and I wrote the novel in one month, for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). As it turned out, my protagonists were two men who fell in love with one another–despite evil wizards, tyrannical leaders, and harsh laws. Stasis was followed by two sequels, and by then I was hooked.

What I like about m/m romance is that I can explore fresh plots and interesting power dynamics. Nobody assumes that the protagonist is me, because I am very clearly not, for instance, a gay male hipster werewolf architect. Most of my stuff isn’t strictly romance–it’s fantasy or paranormal or something else, in which the main characters happen to be men who fall for other men.

And, well, there are pretty men to think about. Can’t forget that part.

If you’re new to me, I hope you’ll try out some of my stories. And you can follow my blog and see what I’m up to. Thank you for visiting!

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40 thoughts on “Manga and Romance Blog Hop”

  1. This sounds a lot like my story of how I got to read or write fanfic – just that I started with Highlander fanfic back then, had just started watching Buffy with a friend. I still have to make the step from fanfic to original stories – and doubt I will ever make it. After all I’m mostly writing in English, which isn’t my native language.

    I hope to read more from you, either fanfic or original stories, as I really enjoy your writing

  2. Just popped over from your link on LJ to comment. Amazing that I started reading fanfic for BTVS, too and was disappointed that I came in late to the party. But, my love for Spike and all things slashy still lives on! Thank you for keeping the love going. (

  3. Even before I knew about fanfic, I used to watch my favorite bands play and analyze every little interaction, imagining their relationships. What was that weird little smile? Obviously, they were in love! Good times. Slash just makes life better.


  4. Never could stand mainstream romance either. Always too out there to ever think it could happen to me and that crushed me. With m/m romance that worry doesn’t exist since I’m not a guy! 😉 And I’ve found a some slash for my all time favourite regular anime/manga, Fullmetal Alchemist. That stuff is good sometimes!


  5. I loved Stasis! You are such a wonderful writer! I really enjoyed the journey of Miner and Ennek and their struggles against wizards and chiefs! Just the other day I was recommending Flux to a friend who didn’t want to read m/m romance but just a fantasy novel. I told her the main characters are love interests but the story is so well written with great story telling. I cannot wait for your next novel!

    I also am a huge fan of yaoi manga and anime so thank you for participating!
    Tabatha Hansen

  6. I love Stasis… and Flux … and your fanfic… and …

    *keeping my fingers crossed that I win a book or ten* 🙂


  7. A gay male hipster werewolf architect – sounds fascinating. Will want to check out your blog. Thanks for the giveaway.

    strive4bst at yahoo dot com

  8. Most m/m writers in this hop (including me) went and gushed about yaoi in their posts. I was just thinking that before I read yours. So happy to see you writing about m/m romance, haha. We were supposed to write posts to introduce yaoi readers to m/m romance, not m/m romance readers to yaoi (that was what the yaoi people were supposed to do).

    Erica Pike ^.^
    eripike at gmail dot com

  9. I agree with you. I got so sick of the het, damsel in distress novels that I literally got rid of almost all of those type books from my library. I love m/m because it’s so much more varied. I don’t quite understand why that is. Het and m/m romances are often written by women, so why such a difference? I came to the conclusion that m/m writers are more creative. And yaoi mangaka are as well. I love the variety of art in yaoi, especially the “pretty boys”. Yes, I admit it, I have a weakness for feminine boys. Anyways, thanks for participating!!


    1. I don’t understand the whole damsel thing either. And the power dynamics in het bother me too.

      Also, Saint Bernard icon??? Aw! I had two Saints.

  10. I love romance of every kind, wouldn’t you know, including the het ones, but am especially enjoying many of the fantasy m/m stories now available!


  11. I’m a big yaoi manga and anime fan. I also love m/m novels, romance, mystery, fantasty, etc.

    Two of my favorite yaoi manga are Junjo Romantica and The Finders series.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  12. “two men who fell in love with one another–despite evil wizards, tyrannical leaders, and harsh laws. Stasis was followed by two sequels”

    I’m sold. This sounds awesome! Everything I love about books (fantasy, mxm, series). Do want.

    “I am very clearly not, for instance, a gay male hipster werewolf architect”

    …I laughed VERY loudly, and even covered my mouth with my hand, and had to recollect myself for a moment. I love it. So much love. *goes on my list*

    (11:28pm Sunday PST) ^_^;;;;

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