Motel Pool locations 4: Las Vegas

Motel. Pool. releases today! I’m really proud of this book and I hope you’ll give it a try. Also, let’s all admire Paul Richmond’s beautiful cover, shall we?


And guess what? Now through May 17, Motel. Pool. is 30% off at Dreamspinner! In fact, all my books are currently discounted, so it’s time to stock up!

I’ve been posting about some of the locations featured in my new novel, Motel. Pool. Today is the fourth stop: the Las Vegas.

I’m not a big fan of Vegas. It’s like a city built by Walt Disney’s evil twin. Still, even I have to admit it’s unique in all the world.

My husband loves the place. Of course, this is the same guy who taught our then 8-year-old to play Blackjack, claiming he was only helping her with her math skills.
When we visited Vegas last year, my daughters went on the rides atop the Stratosphere. Um, no thanks! The girls had a good time, though.

In case you were wondering, these rides are on a platform 900 feet high, and that third ride shoots you up to nearly 1100 feet. Nope. No way.

Nausea, gambling, and tackiness aside, what does Las Vegas have to offer? Well, a lot of stories. And I got to wondering about the people who stay at the residential motels–the places that rent by the week. What were they looking for when they came to Vegas?

Tag Manning ends up at one of those motels–right next to the Stratosphere, in fact. Vegas isn’t exactly known as a place to find salvation, though, and Tag’s going to face some major losses there too.

2 thoughts on “Motel Pool locations 4: Las Vegas”

  1. Congrats.This sounds like fun. I have a love/hate relationship with Vegas. I love it in small doses (and wish I had gone on that stratosphere ride last year) but I could never live there, I don’t think.

    And you’ve given me something to think about for my own story. Why did my characters move there? (I know why my aunt and uncle did)

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