New Orleans

I recently made my first visit to New Orleans. Of course I have photos to share.

188 I got a direct flight from Oakland to New Orleans, and I enjoyed every minute in the air. For one thing, the seat next to me was empty. And for another, I got over 4 uninterrupted hours in my happy place, with my Kindle and caffeine cuddled close.

201 206New Orleans is a beautiful place. It reminded me quite a bit of Europe. And Disneyland. Also, I was born in Illinois but haven’t been near the Mississippi River for many years, so it was nice to visit with an old friend.

209 And speaking of the Mississippi, this statue is near it and is, apparently, entitled Old Man River. I think it looks more like some sort of graphic warning on the horrible effects of masturbation. But maybe that’s just me.

228 223 213 If you know me at all, you won’t be surprised I visited a cemetery. In this case, St. Louis Cemetery #1, where you’ll find the tomb of Marie Laveau, the voodoo queen (although it’s questionable whether Marie herself is actually inside). A couple of the other tombs have voodoo vandalism. Also within that cemetery is a big white pyramid that will someday house the mortal remains of Nicholas Cage.

250 252 244 Although work kept me from doing too much sightseeing, I managed to eat well. Very well. One night my friend and I ate two dinners, one right after the other. Those oysters were part of the second dinner. I had bananas foster french toast for brunch. And, of course, café au lait and beignets at Café du Monde.

I loved New Orleans and felt oddly at home there. I hope I get to visit again soon.



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