Off again

So you know how I returned from Europe a week ago? I’ve spent the past week desperately trying to catch up on work… and tomorrow I’m off again, this time to Seattle for GRNW. I’m hoping my Delta flight is more reliable than any of the Lufthansa flights I just took (every one of which was delayed or canceled. Every one.). And there’s an irony there, because I paid for this Delta flight with miles I acquired after Delta stranded me in the Midwest for an extra day and a half. And two weeks after I return from Seattle, it’ll be time for San Diego and GRL. My family husband and kids are telling me to stop going away–which I figure is good. Means they appreciate me.

I have a few other projects in the offing, too. I should soon have a couple of new audiobooks (Good Bones and The Festivus Miracle), plus the Italian translation of Venetian Masks. On October 19, the 4th book in the Gothika series, Spirit, comes out. You can preorder now.

I hope to see some of you in Seattle and/or San Diego! I have swag!

But now I have to go pack again. Ugh.



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