On the road. Again.

Today I’m doing one of my least favorite things: packing. But tomorrow I’ll be doing one of my most favorite things: traveling!

092Today was the last day of school–hence the smiling faces. The whole family is piling in the SUV and heading north. We’ll be spending some time with family in Portland and also some time relaxing and being tourists in Vancouver, BC. I’ve been to Vancouver, but it’s been a few years. If any of you know the city and have eating/ visiting/shopping suggestions, I’d love to see them! My other plans for the trip include my parents’ 50th anniversary party and a new tattoo for me.

090The timing is good for a trip to Portland, because Love Can’t Conquer releases a week from today and it’s set there. It will be there first in a series, actually. Each book revolves around a different couple in Portland. In Love Can’t Conquer, we have Jeremy the urban park ranger and Qay the former addict. I’m about midway through the second book now. It features Nevin the foulmouthed detective and rich boy Colin. And I have two more books planned afterward.

In the meantime, if you want even more Portland in your books. Dreamspinner is releasing all the Bones books in a discounted bundle. You can preorder now; the bundle releases June 10.

Also, if you’re a Speechless fan, not only does the bundle include The Gig, in which the Bones guys meet the Speechless guys, but also a certain couple makes a brief cameo in Love Can’t Conquer.

I have more summer goodness coming too, including some audiobooks and another novel–a fairly dark slave novel set in an AU–due out in July. It’s called Staged, and I’ll have more information on that one soon.

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What are your summer plans?

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