On the road again….


I’m going to begin with a question: Are you planning to attend RT in Vegas in April? You can answer the poll here or comment on this post:

Why am I asking? Well, I’ll be there. I’d love to see some of you. And I’d love to give you some special swag, but that means it would help if I knew how many of you to expect.

I have a bunch of other travel lined up. This weekend, I’m off to San Francisco with some friends. I think most of our plans involve eating–including a drag queen brunch on Sunday. Two days after I get back, it’s Orlando for a week. Last time I got to fly first class, but this year I am stuck in the cheap seats. After I return from Florida, we’re doing a family drive to SoCal for spring break. Then it’s time for Vegas and RT. And in early June, we’ll be heading to Vancouver, BC and Portland, Oregon.

Do you know how much packing this will involve? I hate packing.

But in between the travel, I’m putting the finishing touches on one novel so I can submit it, and Venona Keyes and I are completing another one. I’ve got a novella and a short ready to submit, plus two novels already in edits. So I should have plenty for you to read soon!

Do you have travel plans?

2 thoughts on “On the road again….”

  1. I’m afraid it will be years before I get to the US again, but I’m planning to go to the UK MEET and looking forward to it.

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