Ooh! That’s Interesting! Author perks

There are some huge upsides to being an author. Sometimes people send me fan mail or write nice reviews telling me they enjoyed my stories–or were moved by them. And I’ll tell you, nothing improves a crappy day like reading those emails or reviews! Plus I get amazing cover art. And another perk is getting to hang out with–and fangirl over–other authors.

Last weekend, Dreamspinner Press had its annual author workshop. Look at some of the wonderful people I got to talk to!

066 You can read the nametags on this one.

067 Yes, I may be holding a pomegranate martini. And yes, I’m shorter than everyone.

069 Grace Duncan and Melanie Hansen.

070 B. Snow and Skylar Cates.

071 K.C. Burn, Tara Lain, and Eli Easton. Sorry for the lighting. The room was very orange.

080 Amy Lane and I wore the same scarf in different colors.

081 Dinner in a fake castle! With Lex Chase, Bru Baker, Michael Rupured, Charlie Cochet, and P.D. Singer.

093 And there was Disneyworld after, of course.

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